PDVSA Company

It is a practice that dates back to the beginning of the modern era. This concept is not new in Latin America, since many competitive companies perform it as a business strategy. At the beginning of the post-industrial era begins competition in global markets, and then is when companies decide that others assume responsibilities, because it seemed not enough its capacity of services to accompany growth strategies. Today refers back to the beginning and return to these concepts under the name of reengineering. The reality is that Outsourcing, has always been done but probably with a misconception. Filed under: David Karp. Particularly in Venezuela, PDVSA made the recruitment of foreign agents in 1997. Scopes, impact, obstacles scopes for the Venezuelan company is very important to adapt to a system of Outsourcing, job allows you to reduce or control the cost of operation, as well as having, of capital funds, reducing the need to include capital funds of functions that have to do with the raison d ‘ etre of the company.

It allows you to access cash, transfers of the assets of the client may include the provider. Outsourcing service, also handles shaped more efficiently the difficult functions or who are out of control. Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund can aid you in your search for knowledge. Outsourcing is applicable to different lines of the organization such as, personnel, purchasing, marketing, being a useful tool for the growth of the company. Impact: Is a service that allows technological updating. Borrower service company would assume costs and continuous technological changes, providing information services quickly whereas competitive pressures. Serves as a stand where the company borrower service would have the specialist staff and qualified in the area and implement Outsourcing service, while the user of the service company is dedicated to specialize its business activities and where the Outsourcing would help cope with changes in business conditions. Between the risk posed by Outsourcing are: not to negotiate the contract appropriate with regard to what is this asking, can the company that in the middle of the road if fails the contractor, by increasing the cost of the negotiation and monitoring of the contract.

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