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The communication would have become by some telephone means or of instantaneous mail, According to near sources, to the star of Disney, In the last days Demi Lovato it has had to face Many rumors through Internet. Johan Manuel Mndez With 18 Years, of age said in the Conference Prate Ethical, that the attack done to Demi Lovato is antiethical and not this based on the ethics of a Hackers. According to sources Near Demi Lovato, Demi would have spoken with Johan Manuel Mendez the Hacker That Said in a Conference supports that it, although it still does not know if the Communication were Telephone. Or by some other means perhaps of video and instantaneous Mail, Like Skype. The information not this confirmed by neither or Some Official Means, But knows that Demi has had to face a series of rumors, that they have been generated, does few days was said that it had an nourishing problem, and was denied, the rumor that ran through the Social Network Twitter. Also one said that it had returned to the studies of recording, which I am totally false, reason why representing they have had to leave to face the rumors on the star of Disney.

Demi this recording music, but has not returned to the Seth she would even begin with the running of its program when this list. According to, Demi Lovato was seen in the recording studio of Hollywood Record to look for a Gold plate solely, Prize by its album. And it does not stop to retake His Race, at the moment After to leave a Disciplinary center by physical Problems and Emocionales”. Generaccion magazine.

Protos Warehouses

Protos warehouses, by magic art The spring arrives at Protos Warehouses. They see and enjoys our visits guided in an ambient plenty of magic. The Spring arrives at PROTOS. If you want to give the welcome to the new station as it is deserved, apntate to the guided visits of PROTOS and enjoys a unique and unforgettable weekend in one of the corners more enchantment of the zone. WAREHOUSES PROTOS will get dressed Spring during the weekend of 26 and 27 of March for ofrecerte an ample route by their facilities, this time more magicians than ever. During hour and a half, the visitors will cross the old warehouse of raising, that passes throughout 2 km of excavated underground galleries inside the mountain where the Castle of Peafiel is based, and will find more than a surprise. The visit will finalize in the new warehouse designed by the prestigious British architect, Richard Rogers, where two of the PROTOS excellence will be able to be tasted, the Verdejo the 2009 and Private Series Wine Club Protos 2003, a limited edition apt solely for the lovers of the good wine Shore of the Duero. Throughout the route, in that they will not lack the magic tricks, will explain the history and elaboration as much of wines as of the warehouse.

A full weekend of magic and surprises that you cannot be lost. The visit will be the next Saturday 26 of March with you happen to 11,00, 13,00, 16,30 and 18,30 hours and Sunday 27 of March to 11,00 and the 13,00 hours. The price is of 13 Euros and is essential to reserve on telephone 659 843 or through the direction of 463 electronic mail. Anmate and sees the Celebration of the Spring of Warehouses PROTOS, in an atmosphere so magician as the new station. Protos PROTOS, of Greek First, centennial warehouse that from 1927 has stayed faithful to its motto TO BE FIRST, like an attitude of constant overcoming in the day to day and all the processes, all this with the single premise of the quality over everything, becoming icon highly valued in the international markets, because the mark is commercialized in more than 87 countries of the five continents. Thanks to his new facilities designed by the prestigious winning architect of the Priztker Prize Sir Richard Rogers, it is placed once again, to the vanguard in the wine producing panorama and of the enoturismo in the Shore of duero. More information presses: Nereida Roche 91 375 98 68 Source: Note of Press sent by prsending.


One of the most fashionable for this season are shirts, we can find them in a variety of cuts, styles, shapes, designs and of course marks. Abercrombie is one of those brands that always bet for fashion and that is why that this season brings a collection of box shirts and intense colors that can serve as a reference to give a modern and useful gift. Within the collection can be seen several eye-catching models like this design in blue boxes that although it does always have the elegance that many men we carry, is fresh and summery. It may be a good start for an informal commitment as either a holiday home of a friend or an outlet.For the more adventurous and extroverts there is nothing better than a shirt in long pink sleeves. The idea of Abercrombie could be very well used because it’s a cool fabric that can be used in all seasons. If you want to put a youthful touch only need pick up the sleeves up to the height of the elbows.The green color may not be the most appropriate for all, but there are skins that do very well.

If you know of someone whom the colors intense like this it will very well, we encourage you to give this gift. It is a classic super design that promises to continue in effect during this summer this 2010.Y which allow for the latter is the shirt that I like. It’s a design that combines different sizes of boxes. It is perfect to combine it with blue jeans and sneakers or causal shoes. It can also open with a lighter color on the inside pole.

Tribe of Dreams

TRIBE OF THE DREAMS 17-18.11.09 They to leave want you wild They have envy of you They want to be you They do not know to be in you to see, They want more and plus you (IEIE IEIE) Why that she is thus, nobody likes me, many to only knock down wants wants me me she hurts. I know that I am quiet, also discrete I only have friends sincere. I am of the Tribe of the dreams, of the land without badly, where the life is equal does not exist well and badly All are so NATURAL. Because it cannot thus be: Right, Respect Consideration wanting or we are not all Brothers. All time that I raise, me astonishment for having left the Tribe where better I become fullfilled I have to coexist people being wanted to die, if to drug to assassinate everything of bad it carries through if hurting and wounding to all its return. I want that Tribe comes of dreams with me, change this reality showing to the truth, clareando the world to me creating dreams in the people. But it is not only enough to wait we have all to make, to make this world to grow, to know to live, with the differences without creating sentence. The differences are essential stop in them becoming Reals, Immortal 2x _2X Weverton Notrevew .

Philosophical Research

As well as in the scientific research and scientific theories the scientific problems are answers, of the same one form, analogicalally, in the philosophical research the philosophical theories are attempts of solution of the philosophical problems. The philosophical problems, therefore, exist, are inevitable and irrepressible; they involve each particular man who does not resign to think: The majority of these problems does not leave in peace: God exists, or would exist only we, lost in this immense universe? World and one cosmo or a chaos? History human being has felt? if has, which is? Or, then, everything – the glory and the misery, the great conquests and the innocent sufferings, victims and carnfices? everything finishes in the nonsense, unprovided of any direction? the man: he is free and responsible or and a simple ones I break up insignificant of the universe, determined in its action for rigid natural laws? Science can in giving certezas to them? What it is really? Which are the relations between scientific reason and religious faith? When we can say that a democratic State and? which are the beddings of democracy? It is possible to more get a rational justification of the raised values? when and that we are rational? Here it is, therefore, some of the philosophical problems of deep, that the choices and to the destination of all man say respect, and with which if they had ventured the minds highest of the humanity, leaving us as inheritance a true patrimony of ideas, that constitutes the identity and the great wealth of the Ocidente. The history of the philosophy and the history of the philosophical problems, the philosophical theories and the philosophical arguments. It is the history of the disputes between philosophers and the errors of the philosophers. It is always the history of new attempts to turn on inevitable questions, in the hope to know always better in the same ones and to find less fragile orientaes for our life and motivations for our choices.


People are beings that normally think very about everything what they intend to make, nor always. However, one will only detail: to live the life is to tan each moment intensely, without leaving to escape nothing, the minimum detail. I know that it is not easy to believe that the life is pra to be lived, but we are in this planet pra here this, to live! People go, people come. The world is always in absolute movement. We cannot forget to contribute with the planet, with the life. Either loyal its attitudes, the people with who coexist, either you yourselves, do not imitate others, nor try to invent somebody, a presumption to be that she does not exist and nor never she existed. Either real. Somebody one day said that: ' ' to be or not to be here it is questo' '.

However ' ' I think existo&#039 soon; ' , then bore its good, positive thoughts, that they only contribute for the life and nothing more, also, does not need nothing more. It fights for its happiness. To be happy is to live intensely. It is to practise good actions every day, leaves that it flows in you magical feelings, hot, meigos, affectionate, considerate, solidary, gotten passionate, hear a music, count a story, sing, declaim a beautiful poetry or one soneto, goes the opera, to the cinema, to the theater, walks in the street of its house, goes to the park next, takes care of to the telephone, is communicated, reads more, choice books that are worthy of its intelligence. It dreams and it carries through each dream. It is not stingy, either good of heart, docile, sagass and potencialize everything of good that it has in you. Either happy and alive each minute of its life as if was the last one.

Creative Director

The clock is one of the fashion accessories that I like most. And it is that although there are those who do not support having to carry clock, it seems to me that it is not only a practical complement, is that you can also give a very different to any look air. Already have you ever thought what clock you purchase for the new season? If you’re undecided, I have found a firm that has really impressive watches and are sure that you will love. It is Gc, which has launched a perfect collection parahombres with lots of style and a strong personality. The truth is that have really enjoyed myself. Paul Marciano, President and Creative Director of Gc Watches brings us two lines each more interesting, in which the signature style and elegance come together to create these watches. That said, impressive, both the Gc-2 and Gc-1 lina. The first of them, with proposals in different colours and materials, has a slightly more casual touch, but makes it clear that the fact that are practical designs is not for anything at odds with the style. The other line is a little more sophisticated, more intended for men that elegance like. By the way, that the models in this line come in a box of octagonal shape that already anticipate us that there is elegance in its purest form inside.