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01.06.08). In this year of high of the taxes of interests and gone off acceleration of the indices of cost of living, it brings in return the threat of inflationary inertia. This mechanism to increase the prices having as base the last inflation if propagates by means of contracts that foresee clauses of indexation or for the feeling of the proper entrepreneurs and workers who want to keep the invoicing and the wage, respectively, ahead of the adjustment of relative prices that the increase of the inflation provokes. It comes back of the inflation and its consequences he is most immediate of these factors. The inflation already was a new reality since the beginning of the year, especially when the March numbers already proved a burst in the goals established for the government, exceeding the barrier of 5% in the period of 12 months (given of the IBGE). But the order of the factors is not what it really matters, since good part of the wage-earning Brazilians guard in the memory the effect of this high generalized of the prices, when it happens: as the days go passing, the wage goes losing its value and of the one not to buy the same products that could have been acquired in the start of the month.

Then the government decides to print more currency. The vicious cycle is created, in which the money never it is enough. It also weighs in this process the call law of offers and the search. How much bigger it is the search for one determined product, greater is its price this happens especially when it has much money circulating. In the contrary tip, a lesser search makes with that the price of the product lowers. In Brazil, unhappyly, the phenomenon also is if revealing as effect of the world-wide trend and the internal increase of the demand (economic growth and bigger availability of credit).


Before exactly to have beginning, the government of president LULA was object of many doubts with some people believing that a good work would be carried through, while others believed the opposite accurately. For being deriving of a had party until then as of left and he himself being of a humble family, it tried in the people, either for preconception, lack of knowledge or for ideology a tip of doubt how much to the success of its government. Much people believed that the efforts that of the previous government had made to control the inflation would be forgotten by the new government, with the systematic abandonment it control them prices and the implantation of one politics of growth and increase it level of job to any cost. However, at the beginning of its government the economic situation of the country was not nothing good. In case that where it would be more cautious to follow one politics that tried a reasonable security in the control of the inflation, it has seen our description of decades of very high inflation. Still well that prudence was stronger of what the irresponsibility with the future of the country. In the truth, it was much more cautious of what it was necessary.

From as the semester of 2003, the interests could have very been lesser of what in fact they had been, the country would have grown more and we would not continue paying about 9% of the GIP of interests of the public debt. In reason of the low growth of the GIP and the enormous amount of money that the government paid of interests, few resources sobravam government to take care of the demands to it of the society, notadamente those of social connotation. At the same time, the country was with a tax of unemployment around 10% at the beginning of a 2005 and multitude of hungry people and passing the most diverse necessities.

Farming Cooperatives

To solve the situation, the CNA comes considering the creation of a deep guarantor, who would function as guarantor for the loans taken for the agropecuaristas.The minister of Agriculture,> Reinhold Stephanes, asked for today (day 22 of June), in speech in Native of London, so that the Congress approves in regimen of urgency the creation of the deep one. According to studies of the government and entities of the sector, the value of the new mechanism, that can give beginning to a new phase of the Brazilian farming production, would be around R$ 7 billion.For senator Ktia Abreu (DEM It to YOU), president of the CNA, the points of prominence in Agricultural and Cattle Plan 2009/2010 are the rise of the resources for the investments of R$ 10 billion for R$ 14 billion, the creation of the Program of Capitalizaton of the Farming Cooperatives (Procap-Agro) and the extension of the Program of Generation of Job and Income (Agricultural Proger) to the producing medium, with the increase of the limit of annual gross income, of R$ 250 a thousand for R$ 500 a thousand. The speech of LulNo launching of Agricultural and Cattle Plan 2009/10, president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva yesterday made in Londrina (PR) one appeals so that the agriculturists continue planting, eye in world-wide economic recovery. It compared the great countries with a bear in hibernao in the crisis, that goes to be hungry after this period. ' ' ' ' They plant, they plant, plantem' ' , she also affirmed Lula.Lula appealed the agriculturists so that they follow the release of resources, therefore, according to it, does not advance to approve mounts of money if they do not arrive at the producers. In this plan of harvest, the newness was the release of R$ 2 billion for the Program of Capitalizaton of Farming Cooperatives, in a heading of R$ 14 billion for investments.

Web Education

At the same time, it is possible to share all the types of media with participants of educational conferences for voice, Web or video. (SAINTS, 2008). These resources contribute wide for the too much areas, mainly of education in the distance. The incorporation of voice, videoconferncia and other types of traffic of net in real time add a level of complexity and requirements of support that they will make any entity of education to reevaluate the traditional educational model total. this reevaluation not only affects the hierarchic relations, but also the formation of staff and the planning for instrumental equipment adequacy for education. The questions not-techniques involving the management of the unified communication tend to be difficult. Institutions of education with open and flexible cultures will have greater easiness to be adaptarem to the change (SAINTS, 2008). The educational organizations need, vigorously, to transform the functional structures /de into structures based on process responsive, therefore only thus, they had reached the best transformations in the half coorporativo having added value paradigm of the modern education.

The education institutions in general meet in different periods of training in relation to the convergence of the communications. The majority of these institutions started to approach the convergence of communications and many now are confrotted with the administrative and organizacionais implications. The directors and its teams can support themselves in better practical and methods that already had been defined to help the transistion (SAINTS, 2008). 3.2.A CONVERGENCE OF the MEDIAS IN the EDUCATION 3.2.1AS TOOLS AND the MEDIAS IN the EDUCATION. Between the new medias, the Internet appears as the main tool in the education in the distance, with its flexibility, high capillarity, long reach and basses costs. It comes more occupying each time, the space of the traditional medias, in almost all the aspects of the daily life. She means to be in all the places, at any time.

Txutxuco Sound

Exactly in the exit of the labyrinth, however to arrive necessary Xuxinha of aid there, therefore it can lose itself and never more to find its cozinho. Who likes music cannot leave to play ‘ ‘ Xuxa Mixer’ ‘. In this game, the child is the DJ and can take off sound of the instruments as to want. It can mix sound of the keyboard with the one of the guitar or of the drum and to create an interesting and very only sound. if it will be with amiguinhos in house, soon, the party already can start, therefore the sound already will be guaranteed. Xuxinha is a girl who adores color. It finds that the life is prettier if everything will be coloring, therefore it asks for to the aid of the amiguinhos online to leave its still more pretty life. It made some drawings of its tricks, but they not yet are complete, therefore she lacks the main one: color.

Thus, ‘ appeared the game; ‘ We go to paint with the Xuxa’ ‘. Four drawings are well bacana that must be painted. The options of colors are many, then Xuxinha will be able to have some drawings with different colors. Optimum is that the drawings can be printed matters. The crianada one can play with the games of the Xuxa how many times to desire, since they are gratuitous and are the disposal for who want to have fun themselves and to play. Therefore, it enters in the site and it sees the games. With certainty, its children go to approve the tricks with Xuxinha.

Infrastructure Projects To Revive The Turkish Construction Industry

Despite the decline in turn in the construction industry expected although the economic performance of the construction sector in the first half of the year 2009 has decreased compared to the previous year by approximately 20%, expected a turn for the positive. For this reason are the announcements of large-scale infrastructure projects to be implemented in the coming years. In Istanbul alone, several billion Turkish lira of infrastructure investment are intended in the next few years for major projects. So, a new financial center amounting to 2 billion TL (about 922 million) will be created for example located in Atasehir. Further investments are a third airport in the suburb of Silivri, a third bridge over the Bosphorus, as well as an additional tunnel under the Strait. But not only in Istanbul, but also in other regions of the country large-scale projects such as airports, motorways, railway tracks or nuclear power plants will be built.

For example, the construction of 12 new highways with a total length of 4.773 km is planned until 2023. Thus, the existing network would more than Double. German companies highly regarded German companies enjoy a good reputation in Turkey due to its quality. Last but not least, Turkey as trade partner offers good opportunities for German companies. Germany was 2008 after Russia with a 9.3% share of the second-largest country with 9.8%, and even the decrease in mainland of Turkey. Advice on the investment management of the EU, the Federal Government and the Turkish Government offer several programmes in this framework for foreign investment.

The imap Institute has many years of expertise in the management of national and international funding. It supports companies in the project administration, in drawing up the proposals as well as at finding sales partners. Contact: Joe SABO Sales Manager imap Institute star 58 40479 Dusseldorf Tel.: 0211-513 69 73-0 fax: 0211-513 69 73-39 the imap Institute as intercultural consultancy was founded In 2002. Since IMAP is divided into four Area of business: foreign trade consulting intercultural marketing integration work intercultural training the imap Institute interculturality considers economic and social potential, society as companies can profitably use. Just Germany as a leading exporting country benefited. IMAP builds a bridge to Muslim cultures with his consulting portfolio. The intercultural imap team is characterised by its expertise on the social, cultural and economic relations and properties of Turkey, Iran and the Arab world. The consulting services range from the conception of integration strategies in Germany to the successful deal between German companies and their partners in the target countries.