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Biography Sergio

Biography Sergio Markarian, known as the Magician, was born on November 1, 1944 in Montevideo, Uruguay into a family of Armenian descent, as a child he moved to Argentina to live there between 7 and 18. After studying he was named Manager of Production and Maintenance and then General Manager in a fuel distributor in Uruguay. As a child he played as a central defender left until age 17 abandoned this practice, having never played football professionally. In 1974 the leadership of the Danube River Soccer Club, who had a great friendship with him, asks him to take over the club’s training division. At that time the title was not as technical director, and after a spectacular campaign decides to do the course and train as a soccer coach, starting as a professional in CA Bella Vista of their country. Throughout his long career he has achieved significant success with some of the teams he managed, especially in Paraguay and Peru.He was also coach of Paraguay during two distinct periods: the first in 1992, led by the under-23 champion earning the title of South American Olympic qualifying tournament played in Paraguay that was given a quota to participate in the football tournament of the Olympic Games Barcelona 1992, and the other between 1999 and 2002, this time heading to the absolute that managed to qualify for the 2002 World Cup. Significantly, went to Sporting Cristal of Peru in the Copa Libertadores 1997 ion of which was runner-up. After directing Universidad de Chile for a semester, waiver of the institution justify not feeling well and the fact that he said would damage the referee constantly. Still, his team achieved the 2009 Apertura championship in Chile after 5 years without the institution achieved a title and the Panathinaikon of Greece makes it to semi-finals of Champions ligue.

The Unconscious Enemy Aliadoo

We are a universal warehouse infinitely and limitless of data our brain produces very many information. The conscious mind owns sufficient data to guide to us by the footpaths of the evolution successfully. Peeero, that so important is data and that they taaaan useless are others? I explain myself! The conscious mind locates in the earthly plane and you d tools for the survival. I talk about to eat, to sleep, to secure the money, to pay the rent, to realise your sport training, to realise your labor training, etc, etc But the other mind: the unconscious one maintains the total power behind the throne of alert the conscious mind and you d to aim that the conscious one stays balance or desiquilibrado, confused or herrtico Everything depends on your programming! Suponte that today you rise spirit plenty to go to the qualifying competition of the National Championship of your country. It feels to you power to realise the minimum mark that demands to you you shine by your enthusiasm. All notice your soltura and speed in the previous heating to the test.

But right at the moment that you are located in the partidor for that test so waited for the unconscious one it whispers to you: ” I will be able to realise the mark? ” ” I feel that I am going to die in the 15 mts finales” ” I have tembladera” , will be watered to me lactate before time? ” , that I am going to say if I do not classify.? ” You catch the subject? All your enthusiasm I am sabotaged then because the UNCONSCIOUS one assimilated, without you were CONSCIOUS of it, information on sport fracazos and disasters in competition, listened through friendly, relatives, parents of family, trainers processed Also them by the television, the cinema and until by means of corridor conversations. And as he does not have to be able of decision it exceeds what registers, that is to say, the UNCONSCIOUS one does not know what is good or bad, simply ” codifica” it loosen and it without measuring consequences and at as memorable moments as the one of your sport, scholastic or labor test does his ” harmful aparicin” and ” sabotea” your action. CONCLUSION: We have and we must watch everything what we think and we spoke. The defeatist and pessimistic people send messages to us that our UNCONSCIOUS one she registers without analyzing, soon to sabotage our profits ” it tell me with who litters and I will say to you that eres” repetia constantly my grandma Today I include/understand that it was right!