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Ulf Niklas Customers

The Berlin financial planning Office Niklas & Lehmann informed on essential aspects of independent property and insurance advice on pure fee basis Berlin. Since last year, a variety has been published by studies to measure the actual potential of the honorary consulting in Germany. The ongoing discussion of expert runs sometimes noticeably controversially. In addition the results of the studies vary widely. Additional explosiveness receives the public debate through the work of quality offensive consumer finance of the Federal Ministry of consumer protection and the opinions of numerous consumer protection organizations. The honorary advice is through their detachment of possible conflicts of interest and for the first time actual independence very positively and also perceived so by increasingly many customers. Time for a clear mid-term review for the financial planning Office Niklas & Lehmann in Berlin, which serves its customers as a pure fee and insurance consultant. Of course, we take as pure honorary consultant at the current expert discussion conviction.”explains Ulf Niklas, Managing Director of the financial planning offices Niklas & Lehmann in Berlin and at the same time spokesman for the BundesInitiative of the Honorary Adviser.

However it is particularly important to assess the potential of fees and insurance advice in Germany from the perspective of the customer us.” As a result the customer in a market economy decide by his demand whether the honorary consulting will establish itself based on international models in Germany. This was also the opinion and the will of the relevant political bodies. For the customers is important that he must pay for any form of advice, and also always did when his bank or his financial sales in the past. in particular the fundamental understanding”adds Stephanie Niklas, authorised signatory of the Berlin financial planning offices. This finding is at the beginning and at the majority of German customers unchanged still exists not.” Again and again, new customers are very surprised what quite significant commissions in their investments or insurance had been captured so far often silent.

Insurance Coverage

The foolish time – without additional insurance can be expensive events for clubs Carnival, Mardi Gras or Carnival no matter where is celebrated in Germany, left out, it definitely is. Many clubs plan Carnival balls and parades in the fifth season. Here, the German honorary Association advises however for verification of insurance coverage, because an existing Club liability insurance is not always sufficient. Here, it doesn’t matter if the Club makes available only the rooms or acts as organizer. The legal liability of the Club will not apply if an event is not the purpose of the Association. So, the event of a Carnival ball is no statutory activity for a sports club. There is also Club foreign people to these events can access, a proper protection by additional insurance is even more important.

Injured a guest, this can be otherwise expensive, because in addition to the payment of damages to hospital, treatment and medical costs as well as Losses of loss of earnings coming at the Sports Club. Klaus Holly, insurance expert German VOLUNTEERING e.V. points out, that a club that just leased its premises, also subject to a traffic backup and must ensure that guests in the or at the clubhouse not come to harm. As a member of the German voluntary work Association is automatically all-round protection. Because in the scope of the Association – letter not only a short-term event liability insurance for all non-statutory events is part of the year, but many more advantages. So, each Member will receive at any time right safe advice, personal insurance, answers to all tax questions and free access to forms of association management. Benefit from clubs not only in the foolish time. Rosemarie Nohbauer

Museum Director Ed Merrel

“The Museum of the Albemarle, Elizabeth City is devoting an own exhibition of Coast Guard aviation out of the Blue: Coast Guard aviation”, the name the new exhibition in the Museum of the Albemarle, Elizabeth City on the coast of North Carolina. More than 120 objects, photographs and interactive exhibits such as for example a helicopter in children size bring the history of the coast guard from its founding visitors 1790 to the present day. Exhibition which helps the people understand what the men and women every day do, if they put their lives on the line again on the new, “according to Museum Director Ed Merrel. Flight company sheep like Sikorsky and Lockheed Martin provided the exhibits and helped in the implementation of the project. The exhibition will be for the next five years at the Museum.

The Museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 h to 17 h, Sunday from 2-5 pm. The admission is free. Detailed information on the Museum can be found under. General Information to the United States under. Images and further press information about North Carolina under. Information for consumers: North Carolina travel and Tourism Division phone: 0 89 / 23 66 21 64 E-Mail:

Honorary Member

General Assembly of voipax Association organisational and Informationssysteme e.V. Bonn, 22 April 2013. During the this year’s General Assembly of voipax was Association for organization and information systems the long-standing VOI CEO Henner von the Banck (66) with standing ovations”passed in retirement and elected by the General Meeting unanimously to the VOI honorary member. In a very moving speech, Claudia Felten, Vice Chairman of the VOI, passed the to the VOI coming April 30, 2013, the retired CEO Henner von the Banck. She reminded of its inauguration on 1 July 2000 and many milestones his positive activity for the VOI. The most its lay him”members at heart, he looked at the VOI and is itself always as service providers. He successfully built the Member Service, developed the VOI-solutions, the solutions Finder and the book shop and the personal touch with its”members at the meetings of regional groups, competence – and Solutions Center.

Henner by the Banck was paving the way for cooperation of the VOI with other associations in Germany and in neighbouring European countries. He made the association with the stands he has developed and organised and the VOI forums at trade fairs like CeBIT or the DMS EXPO crowd-pullers. After almost 13 years, passed its CEO Henner von the Banck with standing ovations to retire the VOI member meeting and unanimously elected him an honorary member. The VOI Association organisational and information systems e. V. The VOI voice of information”takes over the application-oriented leadership for integrated applications related to document management systems and enterprise-content-management systems involving software, hardware and specific expertise to the creation of highly efficient total solutions for the machining processes in services, trade and industry, as well as public as independent expertise and network for users, consultants, service providers and manufacturers of document-based solutions Institutions.

See more information your editorial contacts: VOI Association organisational and information systems of e. V. Claudia Felten healing b str.

Bucherfreunen Book

A review of the trade fair appearance of the Republic In October 2011 took place the 63rd book fair in Frankfurt am Main. After the five-day exhibition, the organizers drew a positive balance and rejoiced over around 283.000 visitors and 7.384 exhibitors from 106 countries. Thus, approximately as many bibliophiles on the largest book show on Earth as in the previous year were in 2011. There was great jubilation in Iceland this year’s guest of honour. The Hall of the small North Atlantic island was one of the fair’s main crowd-puller. Halldor Guomundsson, Chairman of the Icelandic Organization Committee, spoke at the end of the book fair by an “overwhelming and almost euphoric response.” The guest of honor country as the “legendary Iceland” was presented at the book fair. In particular, a new edition of the famous Icelandic sagas in the Center was in addition to contemporary literature, picture books and travel guides. Iceland dared to simplicity in the Forum of the Frankfurt Exhibition Halls 1 and managed that in the darkened Hall To provide literature to the fore.

No spectacular shows should distract from the essential, but pensive every visitor should put his focus on the literature. The organizers formed a part of the Hall as Iceland, cosy living room with carpets, wooden tables and chairs. A cube-shaped Pavilion, inside which nature footage was shown in the 360-degree panorama encountered great interest among visitors. But not only the unique and bizarre landscape of this volcanic island was brought closer to the Bucherfreunen. Also footage from Reykjavik and people in different life situations were presented.

behind the panorama cube panel discussions on Icelandic topics and authors and author readings took place on a stage. A floor deeper provided in the Forum the exhibition hall 1 a canteen with Icelandic specialities for the physical well-being of the trade fair visitors. At the end of the 63rd Frankfurt book fair, the head of the Icelandic host country presence gave Halldor Guomundsson, the guest role, officially in New Zealand. The island State will be guest of honour in the city in the year 2012. More information and pictures of the guest of honor of Iceland at the Frankfurt book fair 2011: Aktuelles/Buchmesse/buchmesse.html Michael Feldmann

Honorary Advisor

Dipl.-kfm. Matthias Kokot GF of Kokot-who make his retirement or an already existing provision would optimize financial planning from North Rhine-Westphalia, should first put the product cost. Especially commissions, about which the most financial advisors are paid, makes it unprofitable to many savings. The honorary consultant Dipl. kfm. Matthias Kokot explains what everyone should pay attention to do not fall into the trap of the cost to.

Most people are of the opinion that financial advice is free because they get no bill for the service provided by their bank Advisor, insurance agent or broker. But unfortunately, this is a misconception. Actually financial advisors and brokers from banks, insurance companies and fund companies are usually very good pay for their services. These commissions for the products that have been sold. These are calculated as costs in the products and are thus by your contribution payments to the Bank, insurance or investment company indirectly raised. From the point of view of consumers, primarily looking for an objective and independent financial advice can an exclusively success-oriented compensation form therefore not lead to the desired result.

This is reflected in particular in the fact that a Commission consultant “only then will be paid, if he sells a product. The consultant becomes the product seller. He represents not only the interests of his client’s, but rather tries its own interests, the Commission most products to sell, in the foreground. So advise”most consumers in determining their retirement plans give ignorant money to your bank, your insurance broker or their financial advisors in the form of closing costs and commissions. Commissions – the invisible money wasters of the impact of this first non-visible costs savers and investors very clear run, when he receives a notification of the current surrender value of his contract after one or two years and finds that this compared to the already Deposits is much smaller and on average only after a period of 12 years reached the sum of paid-up contributions. Especially at the services of end of the withheld fees can be clearly felt. The initially high degree and Commission costs the capital grows much slower. The savers miss out on this way quickly 20.000,-and more process performance. Example: savings potential of Commission-free rates on the example of a unit-linked annuity. (was under development the system 6% p.a..) -35 years man saves 32 years monthly 150 for his retirement. The principal payment after 32 years at the Commission rate of a leader is: 147.711,-euro. The Commission-free rates generated a capital payment, however, after 32 years of: 168.900,-euro. The customer is rewarded with over 21.000,-euro longer payout. Honorary consulting is also commissions work without Honorary Advisor, however, for a previously agreed, transparent calculated fee. As a customer you enjoy one in this way independent and neutral advice. The recommendations are fully transparent and compared to traditional Commission-based financial advice the customer reduces more than 70 percent of the usual cost. In addition, the money for an honorary consultant is always well spent, since so realized more revenues, the financial overhead in most cases already in the first year of cover. For more information on the subject of honorary consulting and services, visit my homepage at. Like I show you the ways how your retirement or Make their fortune design with Commission-free products and how your existing savings plans and systems in terms of cost can redevelop.

Honorary Consultant

The fee for an honorary consultant is not significantly more expensive than an equally independent consulting in the consumer centres there, as have almost opened the consumer centres throughout Germany hunting on financial and banking consultants because regularly one reads at the moment of false and dubious advice, consulting errors, bad and inappropriate recommendations from some customizable advice. Not a pretty picture, which draw consumer centres and yet is near suspected, that there is a real and true image. But not only by lack of competence, the speech is perhaps worse still is the policy of insurance companies and their intermediaries to pay often High Commission for every new contract. The same applies to the brokerage of financial investment products of any kind. Even from a Commission-controlled degree which is the speech the investment or insurance product is then less according to the requirements and needs of customers selected as rather according to the amount of the Commission for the Intermediary. This circumstance is into the focus of policy especially in private health insurance so that you already consults on a capping of commissions for each new contract.

Until then however, consumers still must be prepared that your consultant rather decides according to the amount of his Commission as to the requirements of its customers. But help is coming for every consumer can opt for a fee consultation. An honorary Consulting provides that a particular fee is paid for a consultation and all commissions at the same time and kick-backs (if legally possible) be paid out to the customer. This fee can be agreed upon on an hourly basis. Here are largely free of consultants and customer in their agreements.

A honorary consultant costs around 125 euros per hour and is about as cheap as an independent advice in the consumer centres. As a consumer, but has the certainty that the Honorary Adviser is not driven by the amount of the Commission, but only the His customer is obliged. Such a consultant is usually independent from individual insurance companies or banks and can select thus far reaching market offer the product, which fits perfectly to the needs of the customers. At the same time, he is obliged, but geared exclusively to the needs of its customers any society to the conclusion of the contract. The fee for an honorary consultant is not significantly more expensive than an equally independent consulting in the consumer centres. As a designated specialist, however, he knows to perfection a condition which can hardly meet the professionals in the consumer advice centre market and the companies. A comprehensive knowledge of the market in turn is strongly recommended, because much too fast a product is selected otherwise, which brings more harm than good.


Time to review those costly errors as well as those which can damage our personal credit accounts put our personal assets at risk. Now I know that application for a credit card business may not be the most exciting thing to do, but it is necessary and require your careful attention how calls get free credit report. As with the last time we covered the six main types of business credit report free credit requests, I feel compelled to mention there are certain mistakes that you should avoid before you sign the dotted line. Thus, tvdementetv3 a look at seven errors that you never want to do that can cost you money, damage your personal credit and putting their personal assets at risk. Not drive a credit assessment. Until you request a credit card business you must be fully aware of where your credit stands in a personal and business level. Get copies of their personal credit reports and the accounts of the three main consumer credit institutions as well as copies of their files of business and credit accounts with the three offices of major business credit. He ask for the wrong type of card.

You must understand the primary functions of the card that you are applying to include its limitations. Choosing the best small credit card company requires an understanding full of all types of cards that are available. He can not read the fine print. Just because offers of credit card of a business than all kinds of special animate and rewards do not mean that it is necessarily the best card. Always read the fine print so that you fully understand the conditions of the credit card agreement. Persecution of rates of the prankster and special offers. While are promotional offerings as a promo of the no-interest look really attractive most of them come with strings attached.

Sure of you to understand what conditions must be met and How long its the teaser rate remains in effect apply for incorrect credit card business. To protect your personal credit that you must apply for cards that disclosed his experience of payment to your business credit files only. Supply of a personal guarantee. You can avoid a personal guarantee with credit card issuers specific if your business has established strong business credit files. You can also avoid supply a page certain secured business credit cards. The apply for too many cards. Be selective in which cards to apply because too many investigations in their business and personal credit files can raise a red flag with the creditors as well as negatively affects their personal credit accounts. So the next time you apply for a business credit card pay close attention to what you’re signing up. Don’t get caught committing mistakes that can now be avoided easily clean my credit.


Doing business on the internet and specifically search for items on Ebay can be a daunting task if it is not clear what you want. When you type a Word may appear thousands of related articles. So you must refine your search being a little more specific and be well clear when looking for what you want to buy. 1 Have a clear idea of what is being sought. Many times you will enter Ebay looking for an article and you end up buying another. If an article only search for pleasure doesn’t matter, but often becomes an unnecessary expense.

So it is important to seek, search and search until you find what you really want. This advice will save you lots of money, especially if you intend to make purchases on the internet with some regularity. 2 Distinguish whether the product is of direct sale or auction. Buyers who read little bear big surprises when see an iphone latest model to $1. This value generally corresponds to an article which found in auction.

There are many people who believe to have found a real bargain, when what they see is auction process whose price will tend to increase. So it is very important to look at the mode of sale of the item. 3. Read the product description. Sellers usually prepare a list with the most relevant information of the product. But it is common to find dissatisfied buyers, mainly due to that the article does not meets the expected qualities. This happens by that is not read the full description of the article and this seller is not guilty. 4 Ask questions to the seller before bidding on an item. If the description of the article is incomplete the respective questions should be made to the seller. They should be as soon as possible before the end of the auction and to the seller you time responding.

Original Opportunity

As well as some may take 1 month to get results, can you take to be more, but if there is commitment, the results will come. 5 Ask him first to his wife/husband: does will she be / of agreement?Seek the support of your loved one because if this does not happen you can win the worst enemy of your MLM business in your own home. It is not necessary that he or she come with you, but at least the decision as a whole and there is participation. 6. Evaluate your money: how much am I willing to invest?It is common that las reuniones de negocios multilevel mention only the price of the product and the opportunity, but there are a lot of costs that will have to invest. That is why if you can book a money every month for business expenses, much better. In this way your business will have a better foundation.

The costs include training, books, calls and promotional material. According to how you promote your product and why medium, expenditures may be minimum (for example if you do on the Internet). Once this before a MLM business that interests you, then look at these six steps and take a decision, if it does not meet any of the requirements try another alternative (for example if you don’t have money find more economic opportunity; if spouse does not support it then try to persuade him / a; if you don’t have time, try to arrange it). MLM businesses are a great opportunity to improve his life on different levels, therefore it is very important to choose the correct option and that suits you. In this way you will be investing in its own development and can benefit from the best way.