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Operetta Thriller In The UfaFabrik – A Classic Success

Unusual sounds on the green roofs of Tempelhofer culture Centrums ufFabrik. Operetta is otherwise not in the standard program of alternative stage. In humid warm weather the Opera company is celebrating”summer stage, near the Tempelhofer Harbour, great fireworks with intoxicating sounds of operetta, which do not have to hide in the cultural life of Berlin. The operetta Friday the thirteenth”tells of a day where everything goes wrong. Three women and two men have agreed to a dinner. The food Burns, the visit comes too late, the power goes out, a corpse shows up and money disappears. Famous and popular melodies, which can be considered partial Gassenhauer, feet with bobbed, and also, as automatically, with clapping are needed to bring the audience. “” “Whether the Christel von post”, whether blond, whether Brown, I love all women n “or tonight we go in the maxim”, the musical set in the Berlin milieu Crime comedy features the most diverse artistic elements. One had the impression that the birds around the outdoor stage by the Bell-clear voice felt stimulated, particularly loud and beautiful to sing. The vocal qualities of all artists and artist impressed without ifs or buts! The funny story tickled too many acting talents on the day. The eye got much joy of playing, coupled with dance quality, feel, which hatched in varied costumes in many roles at the two dancers. At this point, the lively choreography must be mentioned favourably. Not to mention, the Quintet is painted with a flawless performance fresh”under artistic direction of Ronald Herold. The lovingly decorated stage completed the musical qualities. Inspired by the beginnings of the black and white crime films amongst the ancient form of the shadow game is taken up in the stage and the costumes are in style 1950s / ‘ 60s years kept. “” The musical treats by Johann Strauss, Paul Lincke, Franz Lehar and Robert Stolz were supplemented by sounds of Cabaret”, if I were once rich”and say goodbye, softly Servus”. The Opernmobil has left a lasting impression in the ufFabrik Berlin, and was a real asset to the diversity of the culture programme. The audience clap enthusiastically after every musical performance and thanked with a lingering final applause at the many artists. A fun summer treat! Thomas Moser Baird-press ( for more about the content: the young Lucile after fifteen years, five of her former classmates to be ordered. Reason for the meeting is an old lottery ticket, which was omitted from fifteen years ago and now, winning five hundred thousand thalers brings the friends. But instead to split the profit, they got into fight. Hans claims to the full profit, finally won his tip. The dispute escalates, the power fails and Hans Gets a knife in the back. None of the four friends want to have been there. Now you have a dead man on the neck and vacant five hundred thousand thalers. The sixth classmate Mackie shows a police officer and to top it all off… Writer / Director: Gunda Aurich; Scenography: Tina Carpenter; “Musical direction: Ronald Herold, quintet fresh painted” choreography: Gerhard Winterle. Artist: Marie Giroux, Monica Garcia-Albea, NORINA Kutz, Thomas Schumann, Lars G. Neumann. Learn more about the artists: Open-Air stage in the roofed summer garden schedules: Thu-Sun, 2-5.7. Wed-Sun, 8-12.7. starting: Wed-sat, 20:30, Sun, 5.7., noon + 7:30 pm, Sun, 12.7, 19:30 admission: 19,-, erm. 15,-euro, Thursday: operetta day, all: 15,-euro ufFabrik Viktoria str. 10-18 12105 Berlin directly on the Tempelhofer Damm, 1 minute from the U6 Ullsteinstrasse, bus: M170, N6 and N 84 used & ticket phone 030 75 50 30

Australia Wins Mens

Phelps has won 14 gold medals in three Olympic Games. American Olympic great Michael Phelps says he has been “lazy” in the past year but is keen to get back to winning ways, starting in Shanghai. Phelps, 26, has endured a frustrating 12 Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps battle in the final of the 200 meter individual medley in July, 2008. Phelps won and set a new world record of 1:54.80 while Lochte finished second. (Photo by Donald PA/Getty Images) Article by Angie Ryan Beijing 2008 Olympics are over, but they’ll resonate in people’s. Entering this week’s world swimming championships in Shanghai, Ryan Lochte not Olympic golden boy Michael Phelps has been in peak form. Michael Phelps competes in the 100 – meter butterfly during the Santa Clara By AP, SHANGHAI Australia, with former sprint world record holder Eamonn Sullivan swimming the anchor leg, won the 4-x-100 freestyle relay, distantly the United States and Michael Phelps to a bronze in his first appearance at the world

Professor Economists

Since 1986 the planet already not can recompose things that humans are destroying every year, says Arcadi Oliveres. Degrowth believes that it is possible that working less, consume less and to devote more time to social life, the quality of our lives considerably, t.p. said recently the Professor of science policy of the Universidad Autonoma of Madrid Carlos Taibo. Democracy. Does the representative structure with the objective of dnder meet the interests of citizens? The existing discontent with the political class is related to its acceptance, often forced, the opinions of those who are not their constituents but have more power than these: those of qualification, financial investors who have bought public debt and supranational entities such as the EU. Thus, the social cuts are presented as an evil lesser of what would happen if they did. Debt. Drew Houston will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Another documentary, Greek Deudocracia, has also garnered some success in Internet to explain the roots of the creation of the debt of countries, the social consequences that implies an international rescue and the alternative, applied in Ecuador President Correa arguing it was odious debt, to escape successfully from this maze. That concept, odious debt, invalidates the debt owed by a country when the money goes to expenses that do not contribute to the well-being of its citizens. Money. Graphic art, illustrators and vinetistas have always paid close attention to economic power and its influence on people’s lives. The work of Miguel Brieva, famed author of money, reflects on the banking, consumerism, power relations, etc. But this is only an example of a message that has been found in the illustration one of their favorite ways of expression. Terrified economists. The documentary to books. The manifesto of the terrified economists (Barataria) is another small manual (PDF) of several French economists, signed by many more across Europe, which criticizes the economic policy of the EU, folded the interests of markets and obsessed with the debt and the deficit instead of being concerned about the situation of its citizens.

Battery Care

Most of us have to deal with batteries and chargers, almost daily. Mobile phones, cameras, camcorders, laptops – this technique is mostly powered by batteries. Many people ask how to, having bought a new battery, its charge-discharge? Let's look at some of the important conditions for a prolonged "life" of your battery. Most often, the battery (battery battery) comes from the factory in a discharged state, or has a "residual" production charge. Because before you use a lithium battery, it is recommended to do 3-4 cycles "charge-discharge, so that the battery gained capacity, or as is called, "disperse" the battery. If your battery is Li-Ion (it must be stated), then try to "accelerate" it at least 1 time per month to reach its maximum capacity and longevity Your battery. If you do not use the technique in which the battery is installed, more than 1 month, we recommend removing the battery and put in a clean, dry place.

Just remember that a charged battery slowly loses its charge. After long-term storage should be charged before using it again. Our advice: do not be guided by the description of battery capacity in hours or minutes. Nobody will tell you exactly how long will work or that the battery, because it depends on several parameters: screen brightness, CPU utilization, using the optical approximation and other factors that can accelerate battery discharge. And end a few words about the batteries: the battery is very hot while charging – this is normal (during the first charging, the charger can show that the battery charge for a 10-15 minutes, then nothing serious, just remove the battery and then put in charge) Do not short circuit, it can spoil and battery, and your technique. Do not drop or scratch your battery. This can lead to damage and corrosion of high-tech chips Keep the battery pack from falling on him Moisture Do not use the battery near the fire and did not attempt to open it. This explosive Here, perhaps, that's all. Long life to your battery! Buy a battery, battery, battery to the camera, battery for camcorder battery is new, how to overclock battery


Site created so that more users can learn about our work, ask questions and get a professional response to it, with our help to solve the problem of designing apartments, houses, plots, office. There is no reason alone to do tricky – architecture or a small part. Romans said: "Bread and circuses!". Nothing, in principle, has not changed – we need food, clothing, housing, work, recreation and entertainment. In our climate, unlike the Romans, and need more clothes and all sorts of different areas.

As well as in apparel, housing is the tradition, fashion, technological progress. And at the same time, our home and our clothes are very individual. And this is wonderful! Environment in which we live is not the best thing created by our predecessors. It is important not to continue this traditsiyu.Cheloveku need useful and healthy food, comfortable high-quality clothing and shelter – a convenient, high quality and, most importantly, healthy. For your comfort and pleasure (the so-called quality of life) the person requires not only money but also time that would be how to think over, and the information that would make the right decision. Information is actually a lot, but the home environment, safety, building materials, air cleaning, etc. is not enough.

By and large, the architect and must perform all these functions – to help people minimize costs at the idea stage, to find and use the information you need to leave the possibility of change, to find the least harmful to human materials (construction, decoration, equipment, etc.), and together come up with (projected) to create something individual, new, and last but not least, beautiful. Thus, gradually come to believe that architecture, as a habitat, the subject for each personal, individual and changed periodically. And it is important everyone to understand how his environment changed for the better. At all times, and the era of architecture (the creation of artificial human environment) was an important part of the existence of all civilizations. And to this day it basic canons – the good, the strength, beauty – do not lose their aktualnosti.Polza. Reasonable accommodation necessary premises and rational ways to travel between them. Meaningful arrangement of furniture and additional equipment. The use of natural lighting and competent binding sources of artificial sveta.Prochnost. Justified selected building materials and precise calculations of constructions. Properly executed drawings and detailed elaboration of the details. Modern technologies and requirements necessary to conduct rabot.Krasota. Unified style or sound decision fusion of different styles. A proportionate combination of parts interiors or exteriors of buildings in the composite conception. Color and light. Texture and texture. Total gamma or kontrast.Sozdat space-planning decision or a good plan, arrange the furniture or to place equipment, interior design or landscaping to solve the issue you can join us by going to

Environmental Education

Quite often, that at the local level, it seems remarkable, in competition with the best examples of contemporary world architecture is simply a good and qualitative performance. During the construction of the Metropole, adding modern elements into account was adopted by the historical context of the surrounding space. Undoubtedly, looking at the building, it will be possible to perceive it as a modern piece, but all items are made in such a way that the house is ideally corresponds to the historical and social conditions. Thus the Metropole as an architectural object has been widely recognized not only among experts, lovers of modern architectural art, but also made recognition of the simple inhabitant, delighting the eye passer Visitor drink his cup of coffee. Sluakov center, developing the concept of building, name of the Centre for Environmental Education, is to think as "environmentally friendly". Czech Republic has gained quite some experience in the design of such buildings, developers and engineers are trying to apply international achievements and knowledge, adapting them to local conditions. In this case, the problem was to design a building using conventional techniques, natural materials to embody the idea of the most harmonious with the environment in terms of design. Of course, all this combined should be have a high aesthetic vid.Razmery sob bank building are quite complex, however, this did not prevent an impressive track record.

This project has helped draw attention to office buildings as well. sob is the only building in Europe, the Gold certification leed (a program established by the United States, the drafts of leaders in terms of energy and environment). Cash Prize Mies van der Rohe is 50 000 euros, but only part Nomination can also serve as a great contribution to the development of architecture, improve building standards, to draw attention to the country, its culture, not least to themselves architects. Architecture serves as a reflection of culture and society in general. These awards – a chance to note the most interesting ideas and express possibilities, achievements, the level of a country in this context.