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Remembering you feed and tears inevitably circulate slowly down my cheeks. You grandmother so I gave you or I could give you is me shakes the heart and the soul, so you didn’t or I didn’t give bristling me skin. Enjoy from there where you’re my gaze lost in the horizon when I think of my silence you and if necessary, I will build a transparent stairway up to the sky and lower a star to brighten your heart and if necessary the evenings I sumergire in my dreams to go with you and hug you tightly and the next day lift with a smile on my face because manages to feel even at the distance but today life us separate, by enormous walls lugrubes. To remind you there are no barriers that prevent producing that tingling in my skin and that crying that flows from my heart. Vos that woman had given me everything he could emotionally since I was a baby until I become a woman, today you’re after gloomy walls, many times I need to cross them to look at that face even a moment.

IT Companies From Cheeky Protects Customers

Electronic business processes allow entrepreneurs to settle their business more efficiently and faster and easier to implement innovations. Cheeky, 27.07.2011 – no wonder that IT is used more and more often and far-reaching even in small companies. The importance of IT security is greater. As an IT system that fails and interfere with the operation or even paralysing, costs not only money, but threatens the confidence of customers who need to be put off. The IT company NetAble from cheeky has recognized this early and offers its customers comprehensive protection of on-premises IT with his NetAble safety system, short wet. With success the number of hacker and virus attacks every day increasing”, emphasises Volker Frank, the managing owner of NetAble.

Therefore, security is an absolute must for every business owner today. Who saves, risking huge damage. What would you say for example, when suddenly the police on your doorstep and tells you that your server illegal Trade operated?” The customer by NetAble using wet, guaranteed not happened. Because Mr. Frank and his technicians from cheeky not only regularly check the virus protection. You also always have an eye on the successful run of the backup, the disk capacity, the Internet, Web page accessibility and the Windows services and security-updates. A special monitoring tool makes it all possible.

If something doesn’t work, NetAble can immediately inform the customer and resolve the problem. This ensures highest level of security. The Clou: Experienced specialists can learn even by SMS, if the system when a customer is stuck. Not only because they could protect several times their customers small and large disasters. Two examples: Devastating consequences due to a disk failure in the server, Mr. Frank and his technicians could keep the company Geyssel escalators from Cologne. Because it the disk immediately exchanged and prevented so that important company data is lost. I like don’t paint from me the economic consequences of data loss would have meant for us”, says the Managing Director Bernd Prussner. Luckily NetAble was immediately place.” The VA star Edelstahlverarbveitungs GmbH from Cologne a power failure paralysed recently early this morning the server. Before work has begun in us, NetAble had resolved even the problem”, Johann Berg, one of the two managing directors reported. That’s what I call highly professional work. It just a comforting feeling, when you know that experts in the background constantly keep an eye on our IT.” The examples show what the customers especially NetAble appreciate: the it service provider is reliable, flexible and trusting. We are more flexible than large companies and can so also on the special needs and requirements of our customers individually respond. “, so frank. Especially when it comes to the Security of company data goes, attach great importance to our customers.” A round thing. This shows also the sharply rising number of wet customers over the last two years. More information under: NetAble Volker Frank Franz Hennes str. 59 50226 Frechen Tel: 02234 68839 0 fax: 02234 68839 99 E-Mail: Internet:


We pride ourselves on our Customers with regard to mobile ticketing offer a further improved purchase and checkout process. Thus its ability to innovate proves amiando”, so Norbert Stockmann, CEO of amiando. Over 180,000 events use worldwide amiandos ticket shop as a subsidiary of XING AG developed and supervised amiando from Munich the entire event area on the two platforms and Since 2006, more than 80,000 event organizer amiando use online event management solution for over 180,000 events. Customers include Conference, which set all for many years to amiando Hubert Burda Medias DLD conference and SinnerSchraders NEXT. For its innovative products was already in 2010 amiando by the World Economic Forum in Davos as a technology pioneer”award. About amiando amiando is the pioneer of online event registration and ticketing. launched in 2006, amiando today Europe’s leading online tool, is to simplify professional event organization.

amiandos products help the organizers of small and medium-sized events To reach the level of professionalism that was reserved for the previously large companies and event agencies. More than 180,000 events worldwide use amiando already. All the tools are ready, online based and require no software installation. amiando, prestigious names such as BMW, UNESCO, Telefonica O2 and the leading technology blog TechCrunch counts among its global clientele. “For its innovative products amiando with numerous prizes awarded, including by the World Economic Forum in Davos as a technology pioneer 2010” and the eco Internet Award “as best business customer portal. Since January 2011 belongs amiando to XING AG, operator of the professional network XING. The headquarters are located in Munich; more corporate offices are located in London, Paris and Hong Kong. Amiando press material / information / links: amiando features: features amiando press: amiando blog: Info Center: resources press contact of amiando GmbH Myriam van Alphen-Schrade Phone: +49(0)89 5 52 73 58-32 sand road 33, D-80335 Munich

Property Management

The House Administration Gamdhi from Giessen informs annoyances with tenants are not uncommon for property owners. Often it is delayed or not incoming payments, acts of vandalism or noise. Overpriced craft bills and poor performance can in addition take the desire to rent. If you would like to strive not to these tasks, there is to allow all obligations in the professional hands of house management. This ensures a smooth operation of the object. This substantial benefits for the property owners. What they are, explained the House Administration Gamdhi from Giessen. By transferring the tasks to a property management at a glance through the monitoring of objects by a caretaker a tremendous savings in time and costs arises all the advantages for the owner.

The owner must not keep personally take care of the interests of the tenants. No more contact, because that assumes the caretaker. Temporal flexibility of the owner, because he gives the owner the entire administration is a good overview of the finances by a continuous presentation of balance sheets. Hiring a property management guarantees above all the preservation of property. Also, these can be optimized even further. A year-round Objektbetreuung reduces the risk of tremendous damage, because they can be detected early and inexpensively corrected. All repair work be carried out in the short term and by reliable craftsmen, which are usually permanent business partner by a caretaker. For detailed information the House Administration Gamdhi casting available at any time. Press contact House administrative Gierschner contact person: Mr Gamdhi fountain trail 3 35394 Giessen Tel.: 06 41 / 93 02 86 fax: 06 41 / 93 02 88 email: Homepage:

Julia Richards

The author above sample that the impediment inhabits in the fact of that everything this, considered artificial and that had an abnormality character is vulgarized today. Piercings gifts are adornments very currently, as well as the search for the tattooing. The fashion gained inspiration in the usual psychosis. Some individuals with this psychotic picture make tattooings for the body as a form of arraigar it exactly itself. This painting that complements the citizen functions as Name-do-Father, that is, a tattooing to occupy the place of Name-do-Father in its envolvement with the proper body. Miller (2010) sample that the signal most frequent of the subjective externalidade occurs ' ' in the experience of the emptiness, vacuidade, the vacant in psychotic ordinrio' '.

(P. 17 and 18). This can be discovered in some cases that involve the neurosis, however, in the usual psychosis, &#039 is looked; ' an index of the emptiness and the vacant of nature not dialtica' ' (P. 18). In the case in question, a peculiar fixidez of this picture is present.

A dejection is necessary also to endeavour the fixidez of the compenetrao with the object meaning. The identification becomes not symbolic, however real, since the metafrico exceeds. The individual can become itself into a rubbish, neglecting of itself in way exactly extremistas, in certain occasions. It consists of a real identification; not obstante, the individual exactly searchs the accomplishment of the dejection in relation itself. Julia Richards, in one of its cases, comments the particularitities of a person with usual psychosis. The case shows an individual that if it shows with the demand to search the inexistent reestablishment of the ten percent in its being so that it has the possibility of being another time are. In this way of if presenting, we can see of entrance that has the sensation of not being healthy. It says this of beginning, therefore demand with a kernberguiana precision Kernberg knows that the affection represent cinquenta percent! Then, this citizen knows that it needs ten percent more! I assume that it is American! It in the ones of the one precision with numbers.

Bieth New

Innovative telecommunications via ‘ fibre to the home’ for all building sites in Heidelberg today, Stadtwerke Heidelberg have networks and regional telecommunications providers PFALZKOM MANET signed a contract concerning their cooperation for the development of innovativer telecommunications in Heidelberg: Stadtwerke Heidelberg will in new areas such as currently in Heidelberg Bahnstadt create with modern fiber optic infrastructure for innovative telecommunications and the PFALZKOM MANET will operate the networks, as well as provide access to the various telecommunications services. So far, the telecommunications not only in Heidelberg is based primarily on copper cable. However, these access networks now approaching their performance limits. Because numerous new applications such as high-definition television, video on demand, intelligent counter, E-learning or E-Commerce, as well as a user behavior ensure that already rapidly growing need for bandwidth. In the last ten years alone, he has tenfold. This trend continues.

Fiber optic dagegen allow high speeds in Giga – or even up to terabit range and guarantee a high level of reliability. Model houses in the newly developed Gebieten have the fiber to the home”in the future direct access into the world of data via fibre optic. For the inhabitants of the new territories, the agreement between the two companies has a very konkreten benefits: with the fibre-optic network, you can receive TV signals, download videos from the net and send data around the world in a matter of seconds. The technology enables modern telephony and forms the basis for smooth and clear images in the past video communication. The PFALZKOM MANET will operate the network as open access network: it is all interessierten party on the same terms.

The advantage for the customer: You can use the Super-fast network and at the same time free to choose who provides which service them. With the agreement, the two companies building their Cooperation, which already successfully new Heidelberg-In the Bieth proven has, further out. There the partners with their future-oriented communication solution were stepped in, when the first houses were already under construction, without that a telecommunications network at the disposal. Today the construction of infrastructure and the network operation in the long run to the best nutZen for the citizens, the two companies bundle the skills from their respective core business. The new areas in Heidelberg will benefit from this cooperation very clearly, and the science site Heidelberg WINS on appeal”, Alfred k., Managing Director of Stadtwerke Heidelberg stressed networks. And Norbert Polster, head of Department at the Stadtwerke Heidelberg, adds: next, we start with the construction of the fibre-optic network in Heidelberg railway town. With the connection to the virtual world via high speed network, this district is not only due to its innovative energy concept, but also in “Things telecommunications standards for the future.”

Sales Training Plan And Design

The expert for emotional sell Ingo Vogel has published practical tips on his Web page, what should look for companies on the design of sales training. What should we look for when planning for sales training? In this regard, holder as well as sales and Marketing Director of companies are often uncertain. Therefore, sales trainer and expert on emotional sell Ingo Vogel, Esslingen, on his website has ten values of money practical tips”published what companies in planning, designing and conducting sales training for their seller should pay attention. This is a central Tip: missing expertise you can provide sellers quite easily. Otherwise, it looks at the lust of dealing and talking with other people. You can convey, if it is missing, hard these sellers.

Similarly, the personal charisma, which is needed to take people for himself as a salesman. When so mainly the personnel selection.” Another tip is: analyze You, before you schedule training for your seller, what is your business or company. Is it for example a premium? Is important to you rather rapid turnover or a long-term customer relationship? Should the seller contact customers feel and therefore like to come back? You can derive from such factors, which is especially important to you in the contact seller customer and what skills and traits should therefore have your seller.” Also for the selection of the coach, bird is concrete evidence. So he recommends that companies including: sellers are mostly makers. Lengthy, theoretical babble ‘ gets on her. You want specific tips and quick-start assistance for their daily work. Make sure that the coach committed you speak the language of your seller. Also he should explain his so a man (or woman) practice your employees also on concrete examples from the sales / marketing everyday, why certain things in customer contact are important. In addition he can show them how work such an emotional customer address or a mandatory occurrence.” The complete tips find tips on the Web page interested in the section. “” There the sales coach Ingo Vogel has additional tips including the topics boost sales success “, increase the own charisma as a seller” and customer loyalty increase”was published.