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Private High Schools

– Is it necessary for admission to the Institute. Lazarskogo exams of academic achievement? – There are no examinations on academic performance at admission does not give up. Admission is based on documents about education. If the applicant wants to learn English, it must provide a certificate. This can be certified TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language), or other equivalent certificate. If an applicant has no certificate confirming proficiency in English, then he takes a test that provides Institute. Lazarskogo (LSC). Depending on the results of the test, the student or designate courses, or it can immediately begin to learning.

In the 2007-2008 academic year in the Ukraine entered the independent testing. I'd like to reassure students: evaluation of the certificate of independent testing will not affect the flow of Lazarski School of Commerce and Law. This certificate is important document when entering the Ukrainian universities. Ukraine now moves to a new basis, and admission will be free entrance exams, only estimates based on independent testing. But we still advise clients to take this test, and bring the certificate with you.

– Does the LSC correspondence courses? – Yes, there is. But it differs from the usual for us correspondence. Need to attend lectures once in 2 weeks. Fly to Warsaw from Ukraine, 2 times a month is very problematic. Will fly in transportation costs a pretty penny, and there will be visa issues. So the study by correspondence in Poland and live in Ukraine – is physically impossible. – Encourage a material "Brightest minds" in the name of the institute Lazarskogo? – Yes, it's really important for students. Institute of Lazarskogo – one of the few private universities, which enables talented students to receive grants. For example, maybe get a discount on tuition. From 10-20% – on the Polish education, and save up to 50% – on education in the English language.

Kids: Play Versus Study

Childhood wait? People play their whole life, from infancy through old age. But most of the game is necessary in the age of 2-6 years. This age child psychologists call the games for years. However, the amount of time today teachers allocated to children on the game today, causing concern among psychologists. In the 21st century, educators are trying to teach more than anything and raise children. Kids forced to develop their abilities to do the job, to play toys, and almost from birth not "cram" the English language. Adults come up with a lot of mental developmental activities for children, called "learning with ease," though this game is nothing no, it's just learning. The real game begins only when the child is to escape from all the adults go into your inner world and come up with a game itself.

Play or study? During the game, the child is really disclosed. He has a vision of the world, their perceptions, feelings, opinions to what surrounds it. Then, as during training outside world and its rules are seen as an unquestionable truth kid. It conceals two trick. The first – the child of preschool age may not have enough experience to understand the information obtained during training. The second – the identity of a preschooler still evolving, so obtained during the study information can be have a huge impact on the child's personality, becoming an artificial facet of his "I".

Playing as a child changes the world around him as he wants. Being himself, he changes the world. During training, the child adapts himself the world around him. In short, depriving the child of games, there is a risk to deprive him and his real "self." Why is it important to play? First, play the child very much. Even all the obstacles encountered in the game, attracted by child: the child overcomes them and it makes the game more exciting.

The History Of Disney

In the principle a company was alone who produced animation shortnesss, but to the few she was if becoming a true empire of the entertainment. Created in the year of 1923 for creative Walter Elias Disney, the celebrity Walt Disney, Disney is currently the biggest company of media and entertainment of the world. The first personage of the Disney company to make success, was Mickey Mouse, that today also is mascote symbol of the company. With one he forms innovator to record drawings perfectly synchronizing with the sound and the image, Disney if he became the biggest reference in the world of the livened up drawings. Mickey possesss a series of other famous personages atrelados it. Pluto is one cozinho smart and charming, being animal of esteem of Mickey. Minnie Mouse is its perpetual one namorada. The personages Pateta, a disastrous dog, and Duck Donald, a duck badly humorado, is its better friends.

Beyond Mickey and its group, Disney possesss hundreds of adorable personages who conquer forever adult and children. Another group of personages of the Disney that conquest to all is the ones that they possess origin in stories of fairies. Princesses as Dawn, Cinderella, Beautiful and White of Snow if had all become classics for people of the world, with different origins, social beliefs and classrooms. The girls in special adore the princesses of Disney. A division of the Disney that has gained space is Pixar.

' ' ToyStory' ' , ' ' Monsters SA' ' , ' ' Looking Nemo' ' ' ' The Incrveis' ' some of the headings are alone that had in the last few decades made success of partnership between the two talentosas companies. The permitted products are in all the places of the world, but sortudos it has the chance to visit the parks thematic of Disney. There it is possible to not only find legal toys with the Disney subject, as well as to see, to photograph and to attend the personages of pertinho. Who also adores Disney has some options in the Internet. that using the site Messages and Images you can more send for Orkut or email incredible messages with the wanted personages. It uses to advantage to enchant familiar friends and with plus this magic of Walt Disney.


The word irony, of the Greek, eironeia ( ) can be translated for that it has the pretension of being ignorant, or that it less says of what seems to think. In general, costuma to translate irony, perhaps for question of brevity, dissimulation or fingimento. In the history of the philosophy it can be spoken of two main types of irony, namely, the socrtica irony and the modern or romantic irony. The first one consists of the attitude of Scrates to subestimar itself in relation to its interlocutors; it presented itself as ignorant and asks for instruction, and to only make demonstration to others that is ignorant how much what they affirm to know. Scrates persuaded not to possess none to know positive and impelled by the necessity to know, dirige it its interlocutors stops with them learning, for what also in this process of examination, undoes, through its dialectic, the presunes of knowledge of its interlocutors, as we can observe in the classic ticket of the Republic 1 that it is referred to this characteristic of the socrtico method: ' ' Scrates – you are not angry, Trasmaco, because, if I and this young commit an error in our analysis, I know that he was involuntarily. Therefore, if we were the gold search, in them we would not incline one for the other, thus harming our chances of discovery; therefore, you do not think that, looking justice, thing more precious than great amounts of gold, let us make mutual concessions total, instead of strengtheing in them most possible for descobriz it.

You do not think this of form some, my friend. But I believe that the task exceeds our forces. Therefore, it is much more natural for you, the skillful ones, to have compassion of us of what to testify us irritation. When hearing these words, Trasmaco freed a laugh sardnica and exclamou: – Hrcules! Here it is the habitual irony of Scrates! I wise person and said these young that you would not want to answer, that you would dissimulate ignorance, that you would make for not answering to questions made that you! ' ' Another one faceta of the socrtica irony, which we cannot neglect consists of its zombeteiro aspect, present at some moments of its dialogues, as when, naconcluso of its vindication 2 registered by Plato, at the moment where if it waited that it begged to the jury for clemency, as was well typical in this circumstance, fanfarrona and jeers of its judges using of the irony on the subject of the death – the death as the end of the conscience and the death as continuity: ' ' Let us make plus one this reflection: it has great hope of that this is a good.