History of Honor Day

Honor Day was established by Silversong Bleacher who was born in the 1940s.  She talks about how its origins, that when she was born, in Alberta, Canada, only one minority group existed at the time; the Native Indians. And she was one of them.  She was perturbed that her minority group was expected to integrate into the white culture and abandon its history, people and culture in order to fully succeed in the society.
Bleacher decided at a very young age that she wanted to do something to change that fact.  She was quite determined not “to lose the Native tradition, but to find out how to do all [she] could to preserve the Natural Way.”
Thus was born Honor Day for North American Native Indians.  The idea is to honor their traditions; to express gratitude to their culture and from where they have come from and to educate future generations on this.  It is a way of life that harmonizes all types of life – every type of people; generations in the future and all other living beings like birds, animals, plants, etc.  The belief is that everyone is connected to all aspects of Creation and this should be celebrated and recognized with the Hoop of Life. Honor Day works through compassion, respect and comparing towards ourselves and each other, including the planet and the future since we all form a part of everything.

The research Bleacher conducted was by sifting through the oral tradition with various teachers, leaders and the Elders, for close to half-a-century.  She asked pertinent questions like why do people not treat each other well or how can love be built to stay?  She found that the word honor was also mentioned as the missing link; the Honor Way was just omitted.  She was thereafter advised not to seek out recognition from the government or state, but to approach the people, which is exactly what she did to create Honor Day.

Evil Trojan Attack On Angry Birds

Bit Defender advises online shoppers to increased attention Holzwickede, September 20, 2011 angry birds is currently among the most successful worldwide (mobile) games. According the manufacturers registered at times up to 1 million downloads a day; overall, the game has been downloaded more than 200 million times. But like so many success stories from the World Wide Web, currently also Cyber gangsters try to beat their profit from Angry Birds. As expert antivirus BitDefender (www.bitdefender.de) recently discovered the digital pest Trojan.Generic.KD. 337850 in an online shop, the angry birds fan articles sold. Angry birds was originally developed as a game app for Apple iOS users of touchscreen smartphones. A related site: Dropbox mentions similar findings. In the game, it comes to make colored pigs cowering in various buildings with the help of a bird spin.

The “evil birds” also for PCs and game consoles are now available. The corresponding Web site with angry birds fan articles has been targeted by hackers with malware infected – however due to the quick response of the administrators of the shops with little success. The page was cleared quickly, so so far no user has proven infected his computer with the E-threat. “Even if acute no longer is a danger of the said web shop, this attack shows that online shoppers should be very attentive and protect your computer with a good security software that scans the visited Internet pages on malware infections and in real time,” advises Catalin Cosoi, head of online threats BitDefender. For more information see. High resolution images can be requested under company description about BitDefender BitDefender is a software engineer, one of the industry’s fastest and most efficient product lines internationally certified security software. Since 2001, BitDefender is a industry-wide pioneer in developing award-winning protection technologies. Every day, the virus protection expert protects computer many million residential and business customers around the world.

This BitDefender sells its security solutions worldwide a wide VAD and reseller network. You may find Charles Brandes to be a useful source of information. In the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and other European countries received BitDefender multiple major awards Warentest, ConsumerSearch, which, for example, by the Foundation? and Taenk. The BitDefender Antivirus technology beyond reaching peaks in detailed investigations by the independent Institute AV test and AV-Comparatives. More detailed information about BitDefender and BitDefender products are available in the press centre online. In addition, BitDefender provides background information and current news in the daily fight against threats from the Internet in English at. Company contact: bit Defender GmbH Hans-Peter long Robert-Bosch-str. 2 59439 Holzwickede Tel: + 49 (0) 2301? 9184-330 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Sprengel & Partner GmbH Fabian Sprengel nesting first race 3 56472 Nisterau Tel: 02661-912600 E-Mail: Web:

Professional MBA Entrepreneurship

Graduation of the fourth round of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & innovation on October 6, 2011 took place in the Palais Liechtenstein the solemn graduation of the fourth round of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & innovation. The Dean of the WU Executive Academy o.Univ.Prof. DDr. Dr.(h.c.) Bodo B. Schlegelmilch in his welcoming speech pointed out, that the graduation was not just a cause for celebration, but also as an occasion for reflection. For him, graduation means not only the completion of the MBA program, but also marks the beginning of lifelong learning. In this sense, he invited the graduates to be very active alumni. The speech was given by Dr.

Peter Malanik, Member of the Management Board of Austrian Airlines AG (AUA). He had the audience on its long experience in this extremely difficult industry to participate and emphasized particularly the three topic areas crisis and change, complexity, and joy. In the main part of the graduation ceremony the participants before the Zeremonienmeisterin took the academic oath. Then handed over to the two course Director Univ.Prof. Dr.

Nikolaus Franke and Univ.Prof. Dr. Sabine T. Koszegi the graduates of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & innovation through 2009 2011 MBA diplomas. Congratulations to the Alumni: Christoph Amlacher, MBA Ottokar Biffl, MBA Christoph Brandstatter, MBA Hossam El-Sifary, MBA Jean-Michel Mace, MBA Wolfgang Marek, MBA Henrike Patz, MBA Raul Parusk, MBA umit Gufte pace, MBA Raffael Arthur Pratterhoffer, MBA MBA Arno Senoner, MBA Vivek Sharma, MBA Helmut Stagl, Marianne Schutze, MBA MBA Martin Suntinger, Marc Stein, MBA after Prof. Schlegelmilch the best faculty members awarded. The teaching Award for Excellency for the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & innovation already went to the third time Prof. Robert D. Hisrich, Ph.d., Garvin Professor of global entrepreneurship and Director, Walker Center for global entrepreneurship, th underbird School of global management. On behalf of the Alumni held Mag. Ingeborg Daniela f. the farewell speech and looked at two exhausting but also very beautiful years back, especially by a great team spirit characterized were. Given the fact that only one percent of the world’s population has a tertiary education, urging the graduates to them to worry about their future responsibilities and to encourage more women to the completion of an MBA program. In his final words in the name of the LehrgangsleiterInnen raised Univ.Prof. Dr. Jonas puck also the great achievements of the students out, all can be very proud. He also stressed that the graduation is not only the end of a training but also as the beginning of a new challenge. “Based on the cartoon character Buzz Lightyear, he concluded by saying: move to infinity and beyond.” After the official ceremony, the Alumni celebrated with their families and friends, as well as the guests of honour. We wish them all the best! FACTS: Conclusion: awarded the academic degree master of business administration (MBA) by the Technical University of Vienna and the Vienna of University of Economics accreditation: FIBAA and AMBA language of instruction: English study duration: 4 semesters, divided into modules (block seminars) baseline: October 26, 2011 application deadline: applications are still possible course management: Univ.Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke and Univ.Prof. Dr. Sabine T. Koszegi contact and other information Technical University continuing education center MMag. Annemarie Hartlieb Opera lane 11/017 A-1040 Vienna phone: + 43/1/58801-41720 E-Mail:


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Property Management

The House Administration Gamdhi from Giessen informs annoyances with tenants are not uncommon for property owners. Often it is delayed or not incoming payments, acts of vandalism or noise. Overpriced craft bills and poor performance can in addition take the desire to rent. If you would like to strive not to these tasks, there is to allow all obligations in the professional hands of house management. This ensures a smooth operation of the object. This substantial benefits for the property owners. What they are, explained the House Administration Gamdhi from Giessen. By transferring the tasks to a property management at a glance through the monitoring of objects by a caretaker a tremendous savings in time and costs arises all the advantages for the owner.

The owner must not keep personally take care of the interests of the tenants. No more contact, because that assumes the caretaker. Temporal flexibility of the owner, because he gives the owner the entire administration is a good overview of the finances by a continuous presentation of balance sheets. Hiring a property management guarantees above all the preservation of property. Also, these can be optimized even further. A year-round Objektbetreuung reduces the risk of tremendous damage, because they can be detected early and inexpensively corrected. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Charles Brandes. All repair work be carried out in the short term and by reliable craftsmen, which are usually permanent business partner by a caretaker. For detailed information the House Administration Gamdhi casting available at any time. Press contact House administrative Gierschner contact person: Mr Gamdhi fountain trail 3 35394 Giessen Tel.: 06 41 / 93 02 86 fax: 06 41 / 93 02 88 email: Homepage:

Jacqueline Faseth Comes

Hamburg 65,8 expansion continues with Hamburg, 23.01.2014 – the online marketers esc interactive from Hamburg can enjoy a more competent gain: new team of display advertising specialists belongs to since the beginning of the year Jacqueline Faseth. As head of online marketing is responsible the 31-year-old for the development and the expansion of new advertising strategies for the operational business of the Hamburg-based marketer. The esc interactive GmbH has focused 2012 since its founding in increasingly sustainable complete marketing of inventories in the prosperous areas of display, video and mobile. Now the subsidiary of Munich is advertising esc mediagroup on almost all B2B channels of the display present. In addition to the central marketing of the entire roof area, also opening up attractive future markets such as Turkey and South-Eastern Europe belongs to the core competencies of esc interactive. The company, based in the Hamburg fish market, deploys with the commitment of Jacqueline Faseth as head of online marketing another signal of expansion: the Austrian worked previously as head of campaign management at advertising Alliance before moving to the turn of the year in the management level of esc interactive.

Their new task focuses on the development and conception of new marketing strategies for the team of Kamran butt, Director of operations of esc interactive. CEO Michael Breukel appreciates that at very well known online marketing site Hamburg new employee: with Jacqueline Faseth we got our preferred candidate for the effective development of our strategic and conceptual competence in the display advertising. According to our holistic leitmotif OFFER SALE SAFE I promise an additional push for the development of additional marketing possibilities within the growing portfolio of esc interactive me from our new Member.” Last but not least, Jacqueline Faseth will be represented on the d3con. The display ad specialist looking forward to intensive exchanges of experience with numerous other online marketers on 11 February 2014 in the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. More about the activities of the esc interactive can be found on the recently updated website. Interactive esc: Esc interactive GmbH, based in Hamburg is a specialist provider of display advertising with a focus on performance, trading – and branding campaigns. A leading source for info: Francisco D’Agostino. ESC interactive was founded by Christian Erhardt, Wolfram Seipelt and Recep Cot, Managing Director of esc mediagroup GmbH, in December 2012. As a specialist agency offers esc interactive in-house solutions for mobile, video and display ad campaigns. According to their motto of OFFER SALE SAFE esc interactive strategic consulting and marketing reach strong CPC and branding campaigns. Learn more at. Press contact: esc mediagroup GmbH phone: + 49 (0) 89 / 1598678-100 press at escmediagroup.de

Burlington Northern Berkshire Hathaway

On the other hand, the increasing outsourcing level of companies in relation to their logistics activities is a key growth driver for the contract logistics. Worldwide, so far only about 25 per cent of logistics activities to external providers are awarded, where it is expected that this value will further increase in the coming years. Check out TSI International Group for additional information. III. M & A in the logistics market fig. 3: transactions in the logistics market (without passenger transport, cargo to the maritime, infrastructure, distributors) source: CapitalIQ Note: 2009 adjusted for approximately 24 billion acquisition of Burlington Northern Berkshire Hathaway of the global transport and logistics market has between 2004 and 2008 tremendous growth by almost 50% to US$ 3.7 trill.

learn. In the course of this dynamic development, M & A has always played a major role. Francisco D’Agostino has much experience in this field. The volume of the logistics transactions (> 20m) enterprise value was in the ten years in the cutting at about 12 billion or 70 transactions p.a.. However the crisis years 2000/01 and 2008/09 on the M & A have impacted volumes, and the cumulative transaction volume respectively decreased by approximately 50%. At the beginning of the crisis and the uncertainty in relation to the margins and cash flow development have activity in 2008 greatly reduced many logistics companies their M & A and management resources focused on internal measures such as cost reductions and operational improvements. Further growth was primarily organic aspired instead of pushing potentially unsafe external growth (assessment and integration risks).

The M & A focus was placed accordingly more on selling problematic (part -) businesses or subsidiaries. At the same time the activity in the private equity has declined also significantly area due to the limited funding opportunities on the buy-side and the general decline in valuation on the sell-side. The partial cyclic logistics market and the related The funding opportunities especially for financial investors have more difficult planning uncertainty at this time.

Lourdes Irene Autor

The lines of public buses are still a mess, and if by chance a foreign traveller took them without more knowledge, it will be the experience most traumatic not so, if with the help of a local guide you aventurara to take one off public buses: not only will be a mostly safe but unforgettable experience. Every day we see tens of tourists with his travel books touring the historic center of Lima: they manage to locate one that another main square or some known buildings but are lost 90% of the attractions because between that they start to read and walk; they pass by them without even admire them. An expert local guide will not only pass imperishable moments but mostly insurance, which is something that should be stressed travelers. For example Lima with 9 million inhabitants is a city where there is special care in certain areas or times of the day. Like any big city say about a trip in full the Peru. The first thing that must be taken into account is the number of days available, this is intimately related to the budget that can be handled.

Then the number of travelers is a factor to take into account because more travelers there are older possibilities of improving the price to agree. For even more opinions, read materials from Charles Brandes. Another factor to consider is the quality of hotels and rooms to choose as well as the type of media to use. Airway, in the vast majority of times saves time but increases the costs of the trip. Remember also that the Peru is a country with a diversity of climates and elevations subject to be taken into account especially if travellers have any medical restrictions that may affect your health if they are above 3,000 metres in height. The difference between a trip organized by wayward travelers familiar with the internet and another organized by expert local operators: the answer is simple, there is no better connoisseur of a country than a good local tour operator.

The traveller informed by internet finally passed hours and hours on your computer without doubt internet allows us to come closer to the most remote places from the comfort of our spaces; We can also find vast information but not be may access those small great details that make the difference when it comes to planning a trip. The result will be a standardized trip, if program it without the help of a local operator, without greater difference all travelling this way will have similar experiences and repeated him just as you will recall if you travel this way. A journey A LA MEDIDA POR SIEMPRE, give them unique and unforgettable memories.

Julia Richards

The author above sample that the impediment inhabits in the fact of that everything this, considered artificial and that had an abnormality character is vulgarized today. Piercings gifts are adornments very currently, as well as the search for the tattooing. The fashion gained inspiration in the usual psychosis. Some individuals with this psychotic picture make tattooings for the body as a form of arraigar it exactly itself. This painting that complements the citizen functions as Name-do-Father, that is, a tattooing to occupy the place of Name-do-Father in its envolvement with the proper body. Miller (2010) sample that the signal most frequent of the subjective externalidade occurs ' ' in the experience of the emptiness, vacuidade, the vacant in psychotic ordinrio' '.

(P. 17 and 18). This can be discovered in some cases that involve the neurosis, however, in the usual psychosis, ' is looked; ' an index of the emptiness and the vacant of nature not dialtica' ' (P. 18). In the case in question, a peculiar fixidez of this picture is present.

A dejection is necessary also to endeavour the fixidez of the compenetrao with the object meaning. Read additional details here: Charles Brandes. The identification becomes not symbolic, however real, since the metafrico exceeds. The individual can become itself into a rubbish, neglecting of itself in way exactly extremistas, in certain occasions. It consists of a real identification; not obstante, the individual exactly searchs the accomplishment of the dejection in relation itself. Julia Richards, in one of its cases, comments the particularitities of a person with usual psychosis. The case shows an individual that if it shows with the demand to search the inexistent reestablishment of the ten percent in its being so that it has the possibility of being another time are. In this way of if presenting, we can see of entrance that has the sensation of not being healthy. It says this of beginning, therefore demand with a kernberguiana precision Kernberg knows that the affection represent cinquenta percent! Then, this citizen knows that it needs ten percent more! I assume that it is American! It in the ones of the one precision with numbers.

Cart Shopping Virtuemart Joomla

VirtueMart is an engine of all functions offered by Joomla VirtueMart e-commerce. VirtueMart template is a good choice for online business owners who want to create a store on the Internet with greater security, better performance and ease of use. It is a great choice for the professional software at economical price. The software has already been descaragdo more than 2.5 million times since its initial release. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Evergreen Capital Partners and gain more knowledge.. Users can try the software for free with modification options. You can also use this software with the content management system, Joomla.

VirtueMart templates are written in PHP and you can can use the regular MySQL environments / PHP. The software is capable of using Secure Sockets Layers with (128-bit) encryption. Flexible tax models were included as sending to the address and the calculation of taxes. Users can manage shipping addresses. They also can see customer accounts, orders, confirmation of mail messages history electronic and the change of currencies and languages, if desired. Product catalog features a powerful web management interface that is based on Javascript. This feature also allows users to upload an unlimited number of products and categories.

Users can classify their products by putting them in certain categories or lists. A marketing tool free as a buyer (Shopper Groups) groups is included in the VirtueMart template. Using this option, the user can allow payment options and different price levels. Here, Francisco D’Agostino expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Shop statistics allow the user to find the products and categories that are better than others purchased. Another similar feature is the tab statistics of the shop, which is a control panel with a summary of the orders and customers. Owners of web sites can create a marketing list to sell products and future services. The currencies of different countries and States can be handled without having to revise the external sources. For those who have an enormous inventory list, the number of products can be easily visualized. Payment modules are important to have more sales. It is a good idea to include credit card processing to increase sales. This is possible with a variety of payment modules that includes Paypal, EWAY, Worldpay, 2Checkout, NoChex and Paymate. Shipping API module allows users to expand its store with multiple shopping modules at the same time. VirtueMart templates also come with extensions to improve the user experience. Some of these additional extensions include import / export tools, themes VM, payment extensions, language packs and extensions of the shipment. More advanced extensions are those that were created directly in Joomla as a slideshow of the product which is perfect for customers to buy more products and / or services. The other is the administrator of VirtueMart ACL popular plugin. VirtueMart Templates offer a variety of options for those who want to create a web site of e-commerce professional and tidy appearance. With the ability to attract customers with the products and organized categories, the user can only increase profits and global sales.

Martin Wegmus

Therefore when searching history for the elaboration of its subject, it discovers that two very influential people in the society were hiding and occulting a great truth, one of these people was the professor and priest Mr. Juckenack (Hans-Rernhard Muller) and the Brummel priest (Willy Schultes). Without success it exhales the time and Sonia does not obtain to in time deliver its work due to information yielded by its city. Mark Stevens is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Sonia decides to be married professor Martin Wegmus having had two children for name of Sarah and Rebecca. Not very livened up with the lack of information on its city during III the Rench it decides to restart its research stopping great battles to unmask the kept secret of its proper city. Deciding to look for through some institutions as the family, archives of periodicals, archive of the church, archives of the city hall and finally in the archives confidences of the state. Sonia is an example of that history can be searched independent of the work that is, but the search of history is not lost, can reconstruct, is enough to want. In its search for the Sonia truth it emerges of immediate form the necessity of the reconstruction of the past, the access to the information, the Institutions of Memory, etc.

and discovers that they were occulting the truth. Sonia decides in a exasperada attitude to process the state, so that it allows to the access the information it ties then restrained as archives confidences, and the city of Pfilzing is rebelled with its attitude, being Sonia the center of great persecutions. But it does not fear, and without fear she decides to all unmask the past of its city. It concludes its work with great success showing to all the true facts occurred in its city during III the Reich, bringing for all the past of its small city of Pfilzing. The city of Sonia decides to make a homage for it, placing its bust in the city hall, for all its effort in unmasking the past of a city that pparently did not have past, not for never having existed, but for its past to contain truths that would go to the failure in meeting of that important positions in the city galgavam. But Sonia in a desperation attitude pparently, refutes that homage disappointing all that were present there. When relating the film ' ' A city without passado' ' , with the history course we perceive that we can be transforming agents in the society where we coexist and live, and that history cannot stop in the discovery, but always to continue to be searched, was what it happened with Sonia Wegmus, it together with did not accept the end of the history of its city the homage, history does not have end, needs to know the past to understand the gift and to project the future.

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