History of Honor Day

Honor Day was established by Silversong Bleacher who was born in the 1940s.  She talks about how its origins, that when she was born, in Alberta, Canada, only one minority group existed at the time; the Native Indians. And she was one of them.  She was perturbed that her minority group was expected to integrate into the white culture and abandon its history, people and culture in order to fully succeed in the society.
Bleacher decided at a very young age that she wanted to do something to change that fact.  She was quite determined not “to lose the Native tradition, but to find out how to do all [she] could to preserve the Natural Way.”
Thus was born Honor Day for North American Native Indians.  The idea is to honor their traditions; to express gratitude to their culture and from where they have come from and to educate future generations on this.  It is a way of life that harmonizes all types of life – every type of people; generations in the future and all other living beings like birds, animals, plants, etc.  The belief is that everyone is connected to all aspects of Creation and this should be celebrated and recognized with the Hoop of Life. Honor Day works through compassion, respect and comparing towards ourselves and each other, including the planet and the future since we all form a part of everything.

The research Bleacher conducted was by sifting through the oral tradition with various teachers, leaders and the Elders, for close to half-a-century.  She asked pertinent questions like why do people not treat each other well or how can love be built to stay?  She found that the word honor was also mentioned as the missing link; the Honor Way was just omitted.  She was thereafter advised not to seek out recognition from the government or state, but to approach the people, which is exactly what she did to create Honor Day.

Brasil Transactions

If there are 15 years of economic stability there and with it an expressive change in the habits of payment of the consumer is verified. After trying the obsession for the liquidity (alive money always in the pockets), to embark in the wave of post-dated checks, now it seems to be the hour of the plastic money. The year of 2008 was marked by the explosion of the use of the card of debit and the fall of the use of the check. In the passed year, the amount of transactions with debit cards grew 27% in the comparison with 2007, period where the emitted check number fell 5.2%. Add to your understanding with Isaac Dabah. The credit cards had also grown in 23,5%, breath that guaranteed the vice-leadership in ranking of the expansion of the ways of payments.

The data had been divulged by the Central banking in day 27 of April and are part of ‘ ‘ Diagnosis of the retail System of Payments in the Brasil’ ‘ , study published annually since May of 2005. For the BC, the consolidation of the research it indicates that it has continuity of the increase of the use of paper-currency and the instruments payment electronic. In last the four years, the electronic payment grew 17% per year, whereas the amount of emitted checks fell 9.3%. In 2008, it had 1,373 billion of checks that had circulated with interbancria liquidation, front 2,136 billion in 2003. Already the amount of transactions with debit cards jumped of 662 million, in 2003, for 2,1 billion in the last year.

In accordance with the study of the BC, the substitution of the check for half electronic it occurs in the transactions of lesser value. The average value of checks, in the passed year, arrived R$ 835,00, against R$ 716,00 in 2007. In the same period, the average value for transaction with debit card was remained in R$ 49,00, whereas the average operation with credit card went up of R$ 84,00 for R$ 86,00.

So Paulo

Currently, Brazil has more than five million practitioners and turned a national fever. The athlete number is not only bigger of what of soccer practitioner. The street race helps to keep the form, to know new people, and already until This true army of corridors armed of shorts, t-shirts joined diverse couples in So Paulo marriage., tennis and a inconfundvel earphone can be five million, but as numbers divulged for associations of corridors and specialized magazines indicate that this number is well lesser – only 500 a thousand of active runners, who train and participate regularly of tests. But this number is well promising and grows about 30 40% year the year. In So Paulo they are only carried through about 80 tests during the year and the money of the registrations of the tests and events of runners already puts into motion three billion Reals almost direct and indirectly. If you would like to know more then you should visit Delta Galil. The praticidade of the race is what captive the adepts of the sport in all the country. It is an exercise that can every day be made, in any hour of the day or the night and excuses to the company or supervision of a personal (since that the physical conditions of each corridor are respected).

Although to be an individual sport it already was responsible for all joining diverse couples in the country resulting in marriage between gotten passionate by races. Moreover, it is a democratic and accessible sport to all the social classrooms. To initiate you need adequate clothes that allow to the perspiration of the body and the release of the sweat. A good pair of specific tennises for its stepped on type of: anything or supinada and one playlist livened up it makes that it to run for kilometers and more kilometers! If it will be to run during the day not if it forgets protective it, cap and eyeglasses of sun solar.

Direct Treasure

During a economic crisis, the nerves (and the intelligence) of the investors are tested. it is what we are vendoe feeling in the skin in these last months. the crisis still will go to searrastar for plus some months of 2009 until if the market seregularize in the canastrices of speculators. Anyway, as its money (nor mine) is capim, must look to asmelhores solutions not to be wronged during this turbulence. Thinking here with my buttons, I arrived at some conclusions: – Your necessity is to join money to use it short-term, type the 0,5 2 years, suggests that it invests in the Direct Treasure of the Union (parabrasileiros). In this investment, you purchase debts of the government erecebe interests to the end of the period that you to stipulate for sales.

Vocpode to predetermine its income (knowing accurately how much it will go ganharquando to vender) or after-to fix (to leave the market to lead). The segundaopo is very risky in crisis times. Continue to learn more with: Evergreen Capital Partners. Rafael does not advise. Oideal is to invest in some public heading predetermined. – Your necessity is more the medium or long stated period, then I will give umconselho in high voice you not to lose time: IT BUYS THE BIGGEST NMERODE ACTION OF SOLID COMPANIES THAT WILL BE ABLE. You then retruca: What? He is maluco? With the stock markets in fall livrevoc wants that I buy action? Rafael explains: It is with this type depensamento that much people are leaving to gain money in the stock market. Crisis always does not last pra. solid companies does not break of noitepara the day.

Therefore the recommendation to buy of these companies. People such as Delta Galil would likely agree. Petrobra’s, Valley, CSN, Usinimas are only some excellent robust destasempresas examples. When I say pra to buy that nor an insane person the actions of these companies eutambm I explain with two questions: How much is costing an action dPETR4 at this moment (7/01/09)? You answer: About R$ 25. vocacha that an action of Petrobra’s valley R$ 25? It is in the face that preoest a trinket! It is as if you had the chance to buy umabala R$ 0,30 when its price is R$ 1. , You wait one tempinho there edepois can vender this same bullet for its normal price. Or then, he still waits a little more and vende the bullet for R$ 1,50. But you only must make this of you will not be to need the money curtoprazo. It is cliente that this return is pra the 2 5 years and not pra months. Care with this illusion. is the tip there. It knows more on finances and extra income in:


Another factor that can be contributing to aggravate the injustice tax is the constatao of that entrepreneurs have not repassed all the profit with exemptions for the consumer, reason of the relief, last week, of president Lula. The president said that to give money to the poor persons she is more efficient of what reducing taxes of the companies. The survey of the Ipea points despite the Brazilians who do not possess property pay to a tax burden 78.1% superior to the one of the proprietors. ' ' To be proprietor in Brazil is to be benefited by the system tributrio' ' , Pochmann said. Kaihan Krippendorff has firm opinions on the matter. Day diO study it shows the destination of the tributes. The work of 24 days arcou with the benefits of the Social welfare. Others 7,7 days had been destined to the covering of the pensions and retirements of the federal servers.

While the payment of interests of the public debt was responsible for absorbing 20,5 days of work of the citizens, the Stock market Family demanded 1,4 day. The Impostmetro, electronic panel kept by the Trade association of So Paulo, yesterday cravou in the afternoon of the value of R$500 billions in paid taxes in the three spheres of government since the beginning of the year. In 2008, the mark was reached five days before. Responsible for the calculations, the president of the Brazilian Institute of Planejamento Tributrio (IBPT), Gilbert Luiz of the Amaral, foresees that the collection in the year must surpass R$1 trillion per as the year. Business strategist/Lecturer gathered all the information. What the government makes with impostosO Ipea also made a x-ray of as the government spends the collected tributes, taking for base some of the main item of the public charges. According to used classification for Ipea, most goes for the payment of interests of the debt of the Union, States and cities. The Brazilians had spent, in 2008, 20,5 days of work to pay the interests of the public debt.

Already the program Stock market Family, of the federal government, cost 1,4 day. The Brazilians had needed 16,5 days of work to pay to the retirements and pensions of the urban area. The retirements of the servers of the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary had cost 6,9 days. BibliografiJornal the State of S. Pablo of 01 of July of 2009 Periodical Leaf of S. Pablo of 01 of July of 2009 Periodical the Globe of 01 of July of 2009


01.06.08). In this year of high of the taxes of interests and gone off acceleration of the indices of cost of living, it brings in return the threat of inflationary inertia. This mechanism to increase the prices having as base the last inflation if propagates by means of contracts that foresee clauses of indexation or for the feeling of the proper entrepreneurs and workers who want to keep the invoicing and the wage, respectively, ahead of the adjustment of relative prices that the increase of the inflation provokes. It comes back of the inflation and its consequences he is most immediate of these factors. Others who may share this opinion include Francisco D’Agostino. The inflation already was a new reality since the beginning of the year, especially when the March numbers already proved a burst in the goals established for the government, exceeding the barrier of 5% in the period of 12 months (given of the IBGE). But the order of the factors is not what it really matters, since good part of the wage-earning Brazilians guard in the memory the effect of this high generalized of the prices, when it happens: as the days go passing, the wage goes losing its value and of the one not to buy the same products that could have been acquired in the start of the month.

Then the government decides to print more currency. The vicious cycle is created, in which the money never it is enough. It also weighs in this process the call law of offers and the search. How much bigger it is the search for one determined product, greater is its price this happens especially when it has much money circulating. In the contrary tip, a lesser search makes with that the price of the product lowers. In Brazil, unhappyly, the phenomenon also is if revealing as effect of the world-wide trend and the internal increase of the demand (economic growth and bigger availability of credit).


From there, the base of the pyramid of letters was disarranged. The Fannie Mae, that to the side of the Freddie Mac is one of the main specialized financial institutions in mortgages of U.S.A., flooded the market with the toxic headings. was presided over for Franklin Raines, the first Afro-American to command a company listed in Fortune 500. A related site: Delta Galil mentions similar findings. It left the company. Until Standard Poors, agency of classification of risk that it did not know to evaluate perigos Reals of these headings, has the Indian Deven Sharma in the command. MSCO is often quoted as being for or against this. Also it passed unobserved of Squid another one of the symbols of the old American economic pujana. The Citigroup, that accumulated US$ 28,5 billion damage for 15 consecutive months, needed to convoke the Indian Vikram Pandit to save the boat damaged in the 2007 end.

In> and with sufficiently active voice today that the Citi if finds in the eye of the hurricane is former-CEO conceituadssimo of Time Warner Richard Parsons. the flag of credit cards American Express, that bring the emblematic figure of the centurio, has as main executive Kenneth Chenault, who occupies the position since 2001. Examples do not lack in banks of investment and financial managers. John Rogers, partner-founder of the Ariel Investments, manages US$ 4,4 billion in financial assets. None of them has white skin or blue eyes.

Therefore, beyond racist and simplista most recent ‘ ‘ lulismo’ ‘ still he is incorrect. In fact, all we know that in the hour of the crisis it is more easy to find guilty of what answers. we know that ‘ ‘ it hunts to bruxas’ ‘ she is one of our specialties. Bibliography: Periodical the State of So Paulo, edition 42,164 of 27 of March of 2009Revista That is Money, edition 600 of 08 of April of 2009>


Before exactly to have beginning, the government of president LULA was object of many doubts with some people believing that a good work would be carried through, while others believed the opposite accurately. For being deriving of a had party until then as of left and he himself being of a humble family, it tried in the people, either for preconception, lack of knowledge or for ideology a tip of doubt how much to the success of its government. Much people believed that the efforts that of the previous government had made to control the inflation would be forgotten by the new government, with the systematic abandonment it control them prices and the implantation of one politics of growth and increase it level of job to any cost. However, at the beginning of its government the economic situation of the country was not nothing good. In case that where it would be more cautious to follow one politics that tried a reasonable security in the control of the inflation, it has seen our description of decades of very high inflation. Still well that prudence was stronger of what the irresponsibility with the future of the country. In the truth, it was much more cautious of what it was necessary.

From as the semester of 2003, the interests could have very been lesser of what in fact they had been, the country would have grown more and we would not continue paying about 9% of the GIP of interests of the public debt. In reason of the low growth of the GIP and the enormous amount of money that the government paid of interests, few resources sobravam government to take care of the demands to it of the society, notadamente those of social connotation. At the same time, the country was with a tax of unemployment around 10% at the beginning of a 2005 and multitude of hungry people and passing the most diverse necessities.

National Treasure

The determino of a future objective for tax SELIC obeys the result of algebraic equations, that take in consideration the comparison between the waited inflation and the goal of inflation, between the potential product and the Real, beyond other 0 variable, as the exchange. The interests follow the way of the waited inflation. When this increases and surpasses the goal of inflation for the year, the COPOM increases the interests. Of course, the measure has negative consequences in the economic activity, therefore it generates reduction of the production, raising the unemployment and desaquecendo the demand for products. The waited result is the fall of the inflation. In the same way, when the inflation waited in the year if points out below of the goal of the inflation, the BACEN has space for reductions in tax SELIC. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Mark Stevens. With this, it increases the activity econmicoa and the production of the country. Francisco D’Agostino may help you with your research.

A time aquecidad the economy, has little unemployment and greater demand for the products. Therefore, tax SELIC is a reference for the Brazilian economy. Because tax SELIC influences in the tax of interests charged by bancosJ we know that a SELIC determines if the interests will be high or low. But as if of this influence on the taxes charged for the banks of the final borrower? Tax SELIC is the average of interests that the paid Brazilian government for taken loans of the banks (through the purchase on the part of the banks of the public headings emitted by the National Treasure, as seen above).When the SELIC increases the banks prefers to loan to the Government because it is a good debtor and he is never slow. When the SELIC falls, the banks prefer to loan money to the consumer and to obtain a bigger profit, since the government is paying lesser interests in its operations. Thus, how much bigger the SELIC, more expensive is the credit that the banks offer consumidores.ConclusoComo if it sees to dicidir which will be the SELIC is not accurately the same thing that to decide who is the indicated aggressor more for the Brazilian election in the next game. Therefore, before shooting a rock in the Meireles it is more easy to continue aiming in the Dunga.Bibliografia: Bruni, Loyal Adriano. Financial markets: for professional certification ANBID (10 CPA-10) Apositla ANBID – Preparatory Course Professional Certification ANBID – CPA 10www.bcb.gov.brwww.veja.com.brwww.igf.com.brwww.portalbrasil.net

Farming Cooperatives

To solve the situation, the CNA comes considering the creation of a deep guarantor, who would function as guarantor for the loans taken for the agropecuaristas.The minister of Agriculture,> Reinhold Stephanes, asked for today (day 22 of June), in speech in Native of London, so that the Congress approves in regimen of urgency the creation of the deep one. According to studies of the government and entities of the sector, the value of the new mechanism, that can give beginning to a new phase of the Brazilian farming production, would be around R$ 7 billion.For senator Ktia Abreu (DEM It to YOU), president of the CNA, the points of prominence in Agricultural and Cattle Plan 2009/2010 are the rise of the resources for the investments of R$ 10 billion for R$ 14 billion, the creation of the Program of Capitalizaton of the Farming Cooperatives (Procap-Agro) and the extension of the Program of Generation of Job and Income (Agricultural Proger) to the producing medium, with the increase of the limit of annual gross income, of R$ 250 a thousand for R$ 500 a thousand. The speech of LulNo launching of Agricultural and Cattle Plan 2009/10, president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva yesterday made in Londrina (PR) one appeals so that the agriculturists continue planting, eye in world-wide economic recovery. It compared the great countries with a bear in hibernao in the crisis, that goes to be hungry after this period. ' ' ' ' They plant, they plant, plantem' ' , she also affirmed Lula.Lula appealed the agriculturists so that they follow the release of resources, therefore, according to it, does not advance to approve mounts of money if they do not arrive at the producers. In this plan of harvest, the newness was the release of R$ 2 billion for the Program of Capitalizaton of Farming Cooperatives, in a heading of R$ 14 billion for investments. Francisco D’Agostino may also support this cause.

Thematic Notebook Culture

In 2007, the Department of the Diversity was created. This department formed a team of History and Culture Afro-Brazilian and African, creating a responsible institucional space for the implementation of the law n 10.639/03. Another initiative of this department was the creation of the Thematic Notebook of Education for the ethnic-racial relations that the work of the professor in classroom subsidizes. In the year of 2009 the Nucleus of Education of the Relations Ethnic-Racial and afrodescendncia (NEREA) starts to guide beyond the inclusion of thematic of History and the Culture Afrobrasileira, the actions come back to the educational attendance of the Remaining Communities of Quilombo of the Paran and to the confrontation the practical ones of ethnic-racial discrimination in the pertaining to school scope. Mark Stevens has similar goals. amongst the axles of work of the NEREA is: the research and production of pedagogical materials.

In 2006 the Secretariat of the Education by means of the Instruction n 017/2006 approves the deliberation n04/06 that it institutes complementary norms the Curricular Lines of direction for Education of the Ethnic-Racial Relations and the education of history and the Culture Afro-Brazilian and African. One of the attributions established by this deliberation is the creation of teams to multidiscipline. This team has as purposes to involve direction, pedagogical team, professors and employees to guide and to assist the development of the relative actions the Education for the Relations Ethnic-Racial and to Ensino of History and Culture Afro-Brazilian and African, throughout the period of learning period. Isaac Dabah is full of insight into the issues. But in practical that is in the school, these teams they are not executing fully what it determines the deliberation.