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Americas Leave

It was a very interesting opportunity, Venezuela name sounded country tropical, growing by developing, with enormous wealth, with some fame for the gold, oil and many other things, besides my father had already heard some emigrants that America, without taking into account which of the Americas, the peasants sent money to their familiesIt was as if contase with an invitation to el Dorado. Time to decide was very short, because with the exchange of glances between my brother and my father, it was enough, because the future was marked and decided, he would be working with the new factory that was being developed in Valencia, Sanitarios Maracay, my mother was not very in agreement, felt that the family was first dismemberment and his soul made him see that this wouldn’t be anything good. Prevailed the decision of my father. We returned to the village, while my brother stayed a few more days to resolve some outstanding issues. Among them, a relationship that for more than three years with a girlfriend, she was the daughter of the owner of the pension in which he lived.

When she learned that it would leave far away, made him see promises that she nurtured for so long, he told him that it wasn’t just leave it and do honour to that love. He somehow convinced him and married with all of the law, once past the days of party, Salvatore made him see that both would come to live in Venezuela, she flatly refused, told him that that was not in their plans and let the country that marched, was still a place not very safe by what recommending him out a couple of years, it made its fortune as most supposed could be done and then return to live in the place and conditions that were she, and her family accustomed. Well, seeing that she would not give her arm to twist, no choice but to leave had no recent wife and start in that adventure, only. .

Learn Spanish Site

Almost simultaneously to your publication, on the same day at least, appeared the first comment in all of them the same comment on each one, in which a person that identifies if same as an administrator / moderator of the site reminds me that on that site just published content in English does not stop surprising me and if perhaps once again review the terms of use of the site, to conscience that complete leo are not always (an annoyance) and could have skipped that point, but there is no such regulation in them so… with education I remember the commentator that the users, both writers and readers, have the right to choose in that language want to write or read their contents and that I have not found any regulation in this respect in terms of use. Here came the revelation, now if in private and not public comment: is not a regulation the complete uncle is not a code of Honor the muddy telling me that content in other languages are not relevant to the Anglo-Saxon users and also by its amount of strange characters are a vexing technical complication (even though that in my articles all the accents and enes appeared as God intended) one of the articles that came to publish me was that outlines the IV International Congress of the Language Spanish, where stood out, precisely, the relevance that is acquiring the Spanish language on the Internet, unique item among the 4 that published me that it had received additional comments from this individual, (English commentary), thanking the information the corollary to all this is the search of the according to him little appealing Spanish language on the Internet and the results are already in sightalmost 81 million idiots believe that learning the Spanish language is relevant enough to devote their money and work to create and maintain as many sites on the Internet for its teaching and dissemination and if they take my example and perform that search will see that there are many warnings type AdSense that appear next to search results which reveals that the movement of money in relation to this type of sites and activities is not negligible (another measure of its relevance right?) I already wrote another article, this time in patient and careful English, (which not is where) (se colgaran para no publicar_melo), where I give you a detailed explanation of all this that I have outlined them and if they publish it I promise to put a direct link, so all can see what I’m talking about, here to see if it is I’m me (which I’ve never embarrassed of my paranoia) or is that in truth in that site problems are not technical but mental in nature a matter of honour to Learn Spanish man!

Robert Kiyosaki

Cashflow is the game created by Robert Kiyosaki to increase your financial IQ. Play Cashflow is a wonderful way to learn finance playing.Find out more about this game. Robert Kiyosaki is famous for his series of rich dad, poor Dad books in these books, the explains the difference between what they teach classes rich, medium and poor children, especially in the area of finances. To make this process of teaching, something more entertaining, the he created a game called Cashflow and the seeks to increase the financial IQ of the players. What is the financial IQ? It is the ability you have to handle and understand money, how it works, as multiply it and how to make from the an asset and not a liability. To play cashflow you learn these concepts in a game simulation.

The best way to learn is through live experience firsthand, and the second best way to learn is through simulations, because it guarantees long-term memory retention and also facilitates the union of the concepts with practice. This is to play cashflow What is achieved, unite through a simulation, which can live in own meat with regard to money, but is done in an environment of learning such lessons to become part of the actual experience of the person. So what are you waiting for play cashflow? This game will help you to learn from your own mistakes and become a better man or woman of business.

Internet Course

We must be aware also that buy a course not going to make us millionaires, so that we can earn money by promoting affiliate programs we have to put in practice the above strategies there and also search our own strategies. Sometimes is very easy to blame your failure to ebook or video course you bought, but remember that these courses are only a complement so learn to dominate certain tools and acquire knowledge but have to develop strategies your. The video course on affiliate Elite is a course that in my opinion if it is a good investment, I myself the probe and there are 12 hours of video with quality content, it was high time that exist in the Hispanic market a product of this quality, since in the Hispanic market, there is little information about the marketing affiliates in comparison with the anglo market. Affiliate Elite video course if it works and you will be useful but only if… -These conscious that it will require time and effort on your part – are seriously interested in making money with affiliate programs – these willing to be patient and persevering – these provisions to implement strategies there are explained the course of affiliate elite video doesn’t work if you think that Internet money comes fast and without putting anything on your part, if so how you think sincerely do not recommend buying the course of affiliates elite.

Affiliate programs require time and effort at the beginning, acquire knowledge, strategies, etc.. Once acquired that knowledge and applied strategies it might not already require so much effort on your part and is where harvested the fruits that you sow. For example if I start to write articles in my blog recommending products or services, as well as sending these items to articles directories and creating my list of subscribers, will be something that will require of my time and effort at the beginning. But then will come benefits because I’ll have tens or hundreds or thousands of articles working for my 24 recommending products or services by those who profited sales commissions, as well as a list of subscribers who may send you information about products or services in which they are interested. That’s one of the reasons for the I recommend investing in knowledge and use time and effort to build a steady source of income in the short, medium and long term is what I like business online that you work today to reap the fruits of your labour and constantly tomorrow. The creators of the Video course affiliated Elite show profits and them you can see here. Although I would like to remind you that in affiliate marketing will each person differently, depending on the strategy that you use each who, their skills, and various factors. If you are interested in knowing more about the Video course affiliated Elite gives Click Aqui and register with your name and email to receive free information on affiliate programs, once you receive the information you decide if you purchase the course or not.

The Necessary

Without even giving time a reaction, without informing or measure, I went to the Morgue. My mind was turns, so many memories, faced I couldn’t believe them. So I arrived without delay; I started to ask questions, there were no answers, it seems that I had converted into an invisible being, that there were, I did not understand, or didn’t understand me. Harrowing moments that showed the temple that my father had forged in me. Then, when my tears sprang up for the first time, as if they had generated pity, a doctor approached me, wore an folder, took careful note of the data that I provided him and after a brief consultation, returned showing sadness in his face, was left to see afflicted; did me know that my brother had buried him in a mass grave in the cemetery of the city of Valencia. Anguish began to wreak havoc in my body, I felt violated, vejado, furious, the man who I admired most in my life had been buried as a beggar without getting any of their loved ones accompany him, tell some words or at least give you some prayer. To that point, and in those moments, no one came to give me light, didn’t know what to do.

Life not prepares us for certain things. But speaking of corpses and dead, came to me to mind the possibility of a solution, I went to a funeral home and after accept and pay certain amount of money, they covered the necessary requirements and in a couple of days is it allowed me as a witness to recognize the dead body of my brother. Those are dark memories that wouldn’t let me sleep during countless nights and occasionally will make present. We arrived at the cemetery, it was a journey into the unknown, a path in which there were no words, the mutis was a general, and therefore I noticed with great force, what of the deathly silence, whose meaning contains something more than just a phrase.

Raymond Moody

There is life beyond? -My answer since childhood always had much fear of death, I grew up with that fear until I came to this country, where at the end I could satiate all my desire to read, document and study everything that I liked. I think that knowledge is the most valuable thing a person has. Money, material properties, come and go, the titles you can acquire them and stay stranded in them, there are who passes by the University and it is as if it had not happened, why is closed to learning which goes underway with life and their progress, but there are hundreds of thousands of self-taught people who have much knowledge by their readings, by the radio listening, educational programs that come on television, etc. Mainly books and today in day with the electronic Internet development, we have an immense source of documentation. Since one of the authors that I began to read upon reaching this country 1992, was Dr.

in medicine Raymond Moody, one of the greatest researchers in thanatology, his book life after life, was the first one that I couldn’t read. Then a wonderful book where the prologue was written by Dr. Moody, author Betty J. Eadie, entitled, I have seen the light, whose copy forever I’ve left on the headboard of my bed. Now suffering a disease for six years, as it is cancer; I think that was maybe doing a workout to receive knowledge from another plane of intelligence, and the so-called life does not end with death, (for me now transition). The life of human and terrestrial beings we think that it is the only, but for me is not so. After entering the world of metaphysics and studies of Paranormal phenomena, due to the same occurrence of our trajectory, changed completely the way of seeing life, what happens to us, what sometimes leads us to suffer and of course the concept of death and the fear of the same.

Brasil Transactions

If there are 15 years of economic stability there and with it an expressive change in the habits of payment of the consumer is verified. After trying the obsession for the liquidity (alive money always in the pockets), to embark in the wave of post-dated checks, now it seems to be the hour of the plastic money. The year of 2008 was marked by the explosion of the use of the card of debit and the fall of the use of the check. In the passed year, the amount of transactions with debit cards grew 27% in the comparison with 2007, period where the emitted check number fell 5.2%. The credit cards had also grown in 23,5%, breath that guaranteed the vice-leadership in ranking of the expansion of the ways of payments.

The data had been divulged by the Central banking in day 27 of April and are part of ‘ ‘ Diagnosis of the retail System of Payments in the Brasil’ ‘ , study published annually since May of 2005. For the BC, the consolidation of the research it indicates that it has continuity of the increase of the use of paper-currency and the instruments payment electronic. In last the four years, the electronic payment grew 17% per year, whereas the amount of emitted checks fell 9.3%. In 2008, it had 1,373 billion of checks that had circulated with interbancria liquidation, front 2,136 billion in 2003. Already the amount of transactions with debit cards jumped of 662 million, in 2003, for 2,1 billion in the last year.

In accordance with the study of the BC, the substitution of the check for half electronic it occurs in the transactions of lesser value. The average value of checks, in the passed year, arrived R$ 835,00, against R$ 716,00 in 2007. In the same period, the average value for transaction with debit card was remained in R$ 49,00, whereas the average operation with credit card went up of R$ 84,00 for R$ 86,00.

So Paulo

Currently, Brazil has more than five million practitioners and turned a national fever. The athlete number is not only bigger of what of soccer practitioner. The street race helps to keep the form, to know new people, and already until This true army of corridors armed of shorts, t-shirts joined diverse couples in So Paulo marriage., tennis and a inconfundvel earphone can be five million, but as numbers divulged for associations of corridors and specialized magazines indicate that this number is well lesser – only 500 a thousand of active runners, who train and participate regularly of tests. But this number is well promising and grows about 30 40% year the year. In So Paulo they are only carried through about 80 tests during the year and the money of the registrations of the tests and events of runners already puts into motion three billion Reals almost direct and indirectly. The praticidade of the race is what captive the adepts of the sport in all the country. It is an exercise that can every day be made, in any hour of the day or the night and excuses to the company or supervision of a personal (since that the physical conditions of each corridor are respected).

Although to be an individual sport it already was responsible for all joining diverse couples in the country resulting in marriage between gotten passionate by races. Moreover, it is a democratic and accessible sport to all the social classrooms. To initiate you need adequate clothes that allow to the perspiration of the body and the release of the sweat. A good pair of specific tennises for its stepped on type of: anything or supinada and one playlist livened up it makes that it to run for kilometers and more kilometers! If it will be to run during the day not if it forgets protective it, cap and eyeglasses of sun solar.