The Objective

The public school does not have the objective to take care of escol, the minority, and yes the massificao of the education (amount), but it cannot, with this, to abandon, at any moment, the quality of its services. This is most preoccupying. The number of absolute illiterates falls, but of critical readers, who would be the alfabetizados ones fully, it does not increase. Unhappyly, it almost did not have a good evolution in one decade. (COLELLO, 2009). The justifications for persistence of the problem are many and they include themselves, still, the fact of the majority of the schools to work as if all the pupils had learning level the same and the same luggage of letramento. This finishes pushing for low those that have more difficulties and need a special accompaniment to learn. (MASAGO? 2009) Our school and our pupils had become statisticians mere? Most important in the question of the alfabetizao they are not the statisticians who focam the education quantitatively and yes the quality of the teach-learning of our pupils.

Our governing would have to think about the formation of the individual fully capable to carry through its activities as effective participant citizen of the society where it lives thus to launch educational politics with emphasis also in the quality. The main educational politics show to indices of reduction in the evasion taxes and repetncia of the pupils of the Brazilian schools. The governments federal, state and municipal promote statisticians showing the positive results in this direction. OAK (2001). Very important these conquests with regard to the evasion and to the repetncia and the possibility of terms an open school to all, however if cannot ignore the failure of the system of education as for the learning accomplishes for the pupils, as described in the previous chapter. The reduction of the taxes of evasion and repetncia, unhappyly, does not demonstrate the improvement of the quality of our system of education.

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