Grand Prix

This statement is especially true if you primarily attach value to have cheap sellers. Here sets the competition Grand Prix of medium-sized companies’ emphasis on the training and Training of employees responsible with thinkers, across-thinkers, advance-thinkers and with entrepreneurs. Possible solution and sometimes provocative approaches: Sufficient there to through appropriate questions the talents, to identify the skills and strengths of people. Find them and win this for your company. Usually real good employees is indicated by the enthusiasm, how you talk about your achievements (not what they say) and in the light of the eyes. Far too often the world’s best company meets the world’s best seller in job interviews.

A spectacle of outstanding performers of self takes its course. The result is usually also correspondingly disappointing for both sides, as soon as the reality becomes visible after the adjustment. The consequences: The company accepts a poor performance, because apparently there is no really good seller or it is looking for a new seller and again invested time and money – same approach usually again and again with the same results. Our recommendation: Ensure that the tasks correspond to the talents and inclinations of the employees. Appreciate the experience, but don’t overestimate experience. Honestly: Good testimonials from school and University are a sign, to be able to play predetermined knowledge lehrer – or Professor-compliant. Rather, for us, this is a sign for a good adaptability and a theorist than a keep and makers.

Of course, there are many people who bend the system due to lack of alternatives then go their own way among students and pupils. These are the really good employees. But these thoughtful employees are usually not easy. To take advantage of their potential for the company, there is also motivating and inspirational leaders. But these are very often overwhelmed in challenging employees. This is a large construction site, as it is dear to the company or aware in more companies. The consequences: whitewash, lazy compromises and ignore. All of this means for the company: to stay aware of well below the real possibilities. Experience is important and experience is not everything. Experience is a proof to solve old problems, but only with the necessary openness for new future challenges can be met. And precisely the tasks of each company. Otherwise experience is, even if it is mostly positive, also sometimes very inconvenient, Yes, always again once even existence-threatening.

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