Work In Care

She is necessary to work to get a reasonable income and to supply the basic necessities. Still, for optimum performance in the work, it is of extreme importance the job of the tools cited in as the group of the necessities, as creativity, art, knowledge, it disciplines and the too much parameters, therefore these guarantee the intellectual development. In this exactly reasoning, for the agreement and the weighed relationship between the people, demands a behavior decorated with parameters of the third group of necessities human beings. The practical one of these qualities enhances the true inherent worthy position to the condition human being, and provides the prestige longed for all. The Hierarchy of the Necessities and the Work In accordance with the theory of the hierarchy of the necessities presented, the attendance of the necessities, to a large extent, will depend on a job, the type of work, the professional activities and the form as if they uncurl the things in the work environment. In this vision, the job or work, beyond the financial income, that takes care of to the material necessities, must satisfy the requirements cognitivas that take care of to the intellectual necessities; still must repay to the yearnings spirituals that correspond to the necessities spirituals. The work certainly must generate an income that takes care of to the basic necessities as: health, housing, protection, security and the sustenance.

The task to carry through must provide the development of the neurons and the intellect, so that the individual can cognitivamente progress. Therefore a person must exercise through its work the facultieses that are inherent its capacity, and thus will only have the satisfaction of its occupation. The practical one of the cited noble virtues in the third group of necessities is crucial to guarantee the integration of the work force and to prevent conflicts and misunderstandings.

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