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The incorporation responsible for ICT companies The corporate social responsibility or corporate social responsibility is a term used to refer to the legal and ethical obligations that companies have, as a result of their occupation, in such areas as reconciliation of work, family and staff the environment, training, etc. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) affects both types of organizations and enterprises, including SMEs which account for more than 90 of European companies in operation. These should internalize CSR as an element of competitive advantage and a valid tool capable of generating value in the company and the environment in which it is located. The incorporation responsible for ICT in SMEs is a key element in corporate governance, which contributes greatly to the corporate social responsibility which we speak.Especially if we consider that the adoption of ICT is no longer an option but an increasing need to facilitate the incorporation of the company to the new economy and information society. The project Multiply, framed by the Equal Community Initiative and co-financed by the ESF and the Government of the Principality of Asturias, is well aware of the need to promote CSR among SMEs and micro-project beneficiaries. This is achieved through four main lines of action: Promoting the reconciliation of family life, work and staff, promoting the integration and use of information technology and communication companies (flexibility of time and teleworking etc.) Promoting the incorporation of environmental measures related to the use of ICT: information campaigns on the proper removal of electronic waste, energy saving, etc. Promoting the incorporation of ICT in SMEs and micro enterprises as a means to improve competitiveness and sustainability of the business, which can lead to better employment, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Plan training of workers through the application of new information technologies and communication. (By distance learning) Promotion of reconciliation of family life, work and personal references Reconciliation to combine evenly over time the different facets of our lives as human beings so as to achieve quality of life. The reconciliation of personal, family and work is a matter of organization and time-sharing and the uses we make of it. Information Technologies and Communications have an important role here, since they are present in our daily life and increasingly overlaps most professional and private use.The Information Technology and Communication are effective tools for information management, flexible working time and communication. In this sense since the project has developed Multiply: A formative pill “ICT reconcile your work and family life.” Two informative videos on the implementation of ICT in reconciliation measures driven by business. A practical guide to implement reconciliation measures in enterprises through ICT. Promoting the incorporation of environmental measures related to the use of ICT The environment is becoming more important in people’s lives and on the day to day business. The incorporation of ICT into the business environment has a double environmental impact.On the one hand you have new waste (toner, electrical components, batteries, etc..), It is necessary to manage, and on the other are other elements that must be taken into account (electricity and paper consumption, emission of radiation, etc.. .)

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