Perhaps you’ve heard that it is necessary to keep the goals in private. That should not tell anyone anything about what we set as a goal. Why is it necessary to keep silent about our purposes? What is the advantage of this? Is it just to avoid the criticism and silly questions? Andrew Corentt, says that the words generate expectations in those who hear them and responsibility who tell them, in his book the secret of the power of goals. That expectation makes that people forcing others to act in a certain way. This is already demonstrated with an experiment done by a University. In the Studio he told a school teacher that students of the degree that the would take were very intelligent, the better. And if sometimes it seemed that they did not wish to study or that they were lazy was just a way of masking his great intelligence.

The truth is that the students of this course were considered worst them, the less studious and intelligent. But the teacher began to act with those children with the belief that these students notes were very good, very intelligent and at the end of the course had improved greatly. What happened? If you would like a few lousy students became excellent students suddenly? Corentt gives the answer, the words generate expectations in those who hear them and responsibility in those who say them. When told the new master that his course was the best, is gender in the expectation of excellence in boys. That expectation that he had on his students was fulfilled. And what has this to do with the goals? When a person set goals, then you have an expectation of achievement, success of victory. While the person keep quiet their goals, you will always have an expectation of achievement. But when says to someone else your goals, then these people can support it or not.

Corentt explains if the person is not convinced yet of achieving their goals, then the reactions of others will be unfavorable and they will begin to say things like this: as friend I say this, I don’t want to discourage you, but look that doesn’t work, I try, as a result of that other people created an expectation about the matter and as well as teacher forced their expectations to become excellent children of their degree, so many people forcing others to succeed in their goals. This, of course, is abbreviated. To learn more sutilidades and true secrets, which let him ice cream, on the subject of targets and to avoid the big mistakes that prevent you to achieve its goals, I highly recommend that you read the secret of the power of goals, in which Corentt, also shows the most powerful techniques ever developed, so their goals materialize automatically. You only must establish them and everything will happen automatically in your life. Original author and source of the article

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