UNI-SOLAR-powered Kindle Sleeve

SolarFocus results in UNI-SOLAR -powered Kindle cover at CES in Las Vegas a Auburn Hills, Michigan, 12 January, 2012 – United Solar, the worldwide acting manufacturer of lightweight and flexible University-SOLAR solar products and a wholly owned subsidiary of energy conversion devices, Inc. (ECD) (NASDAQ: ENER) is proud to launch of the world’s first solar case for the Amazon Kindle E-reader by SolarFocus technology co., Ltd, a leading provider of solar-powered products, to announce. SolarFocus uses for the SolarKindle envelope, illuminated the UNI-SOLAR’s proprietary technology, both to recharge the battery of the Kindle E-readers as also the reserve battery integrated in the cover, which operated the LED reading light on the inside of the lid,. The solar cells, which are located on the front of the leather cover, downloaded from direct sunlight and thus offer the unlimited use of the device. Mark Stevens wanted to know more. The lighting of the SolarKindle case was on the international Featured Consumer Electronics Show (CES) (10-13 January 2012) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The lightweight solar cover is awarded 2012 one of the Innovation Prize in the category for eco-design and sustainable technologies. The CES is organized by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and presented breakthrough products and technologies that have far-reaching impact on the development of consumer electronics. “” The illuminated SolarKindle case is a great example for the success of United Solar’s open solar initiative and enables our strategic partner, SolarFocus to use the differentiation through our unique, powerful, lightweight and flexible solar cells “, said Chris Bala, Director of sales – open solar.”This innovative product makes it clear how easy the UNI-SOLAR technology can be integrated seamlessly and cost-effectively applied in everyday objects.” The SolarKindle is on the Internet about the SolarFocus WebStore, solarmio.com and amazon.com available cover.

The Product is in 2012 in special branches in the United States, Canada and Europe in be available. United Solar has more than 25 years of experience in the solar industry and is the largest manufacturer of lightweight, flexible solar panels in the world, won U.S. patents nearly 70 for a wide variety of technical developments. About United Solar/UNI-SOLAR United Solar is a leader in building-integrated photovoltaics and roofing applications for 25 years. The company produces, distributes and installs thin-film Solarlaminate, which converts sunlight into electricity using proprietary technology. UNI-SOLAR brand products are unique due to its flexibility, lightness, ease of installation, durability and actual efficiency. With the business activities of solar integrated technologies are developed PV systems for roofs, produced and installed, which allow customers to transform unused roof space into valuable assets.

With the open solar initiative, the company wants a network of Solar innovators build that technology to commercialize new products on the basis of the patented UNI-SOLAR. For more information about United Solar, visit our website on uni-solar.com or follow UNI-SOLAR on Facebook.com/uni-solar and Twitter.com/uni_solar. About SolarFocus technology co., Ltd. Since 2005, SolarFocus is a pioneer of eneuerbaren energy revolution by offering priced wettberwerbsfahigen, energy-saving and environmentally friendly solar powered products for industry and consumers. As a leading company in the field of solar research and development of innovative products, SolarFocus holds several solar technology patents for their products that are regularly used in extreme areas such as the Himalayas and the North Pole.

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