Transnational Companies

The average premises disclose the life of the colectivity to which they serve. We are before parallel phenomena: the transnational companies of the communication are accentuated and teem new regionalised expressions, the great global chains and the located means. It is certain that every day they close small newspapers crushed by the lack of publicity and that the publicists are considering an emigration in mass towards Internet. Paralelamente the million Web sites multiply or blogs. Around the years the newspapers we have known since them seem the condemned. The true revolution in the field of the information is this. It is of logic that concentrates a mass artillery fire and abundant fusions, then of another way the survival would be very difficult to them.

Variants of defense or annihilation and close, the certain thing is that the traditional means of information are in danger. They will have to look for new forms, because the social actors we are or we will be all signallers. The social parameters are already communicative parameters. The media is originated in the event that becomes informative to the being incorporated to the speech of means. The means order the importance, but they are losing that capacity. Now the interrelation detects when the news is hidden of intentional way. In the network they are possible to be used all class of resources, is obvious, but the difference is based in which she is not static and in addition breaks the linear character of the understanding and breaks the unremovable character of the text. The rolls have been reversed, because the one is the receiver that directs to the speech and not the emitter.

With Internet the society demands its quality of producer and makes lose to the call mediatic society its monopoly. In addition, producer and receiver can be the same subject. Now we faced a process reconstructivo of the reality.

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