The Sustenance

If one? subordinate? , that for he is in the street day-by-day, perceived a better lode of if to execute a task any and this expressed or if disagreed with some command, despite did not oppose to fulfill the determination, was understood for ' ' Iscariotes' ' others as a cursed insubordination -? how many ethical things we vendemos in this society of market on behalf of the sustenance of the family. But in that day took off it service in the group of the treasonous one for having done an exchange that he judged necessary with one of? dons: he was scaled in the sunday, only that &#039 was the day of it if to feel one; ' Zidane' ' , day to beat a small ball clearly (! he was not a teacher in field as the Frenchman) was only one provocation that made during this playful time with its pariahs. Then, it exchanges the service and in elapsing the things transcorreram inside of certain ' ' normalidade' ' , therefore until that moment had not occurred no situation-problem of the recurrent type? nor a conductor confronts the garrison verberando words of the type ' ' vocs cannot litigate! ' ' ; ' ' they make its fines! These merdinhas do not have same value! ' ' , nor they had appeared ' ' Golias' ' that they were found in the paternal right to thread the finger in its faces saying: ' ' this is an industry of fines! ' ' Exactly it being this comprehensive likely, it infuriated to it: ' ' excrement of the institution is my dignity not it that represento' ' , it thought if justified. Some time behind initiated a srdida campaign in the local press against the agent fiscalizadores of the agency of transit of that city. Reasons, good! We go they: it is an autarchy (it generates its proper resources through the fines); who before made the fiscalization gave place to the municipal agents? the call municipalizao of the transit. . Bausch & Lombs opinions are not widely known.

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