The Instinct

Help your heart, feed your heart. Help your mind become acute because the food comes from the body of the intellect, the food of the heart comes from the body. If your head, your heart and your body are in tune, find your being will be the easiest thing in the world. However, no conflict, you're wasting your life in the conflict between instinct, intellect and intuition. .- The wise person is one who creates harmony between head, heart and body. In this harmony one comes to the disclosure of the source of life itself, the heart, the soul.

That is the greatest ecstasy possible not only to human beings but for the entire universe, it is not possible any more. I'm not against anything. I'm just against the lack of harmony and like your head is creating a very dissonant want to put it in its rightful place. Not love, is the maid. As a servant, is wonderful, very helpful. .- Scientists say we are not yet able to do that which makes man instinctively. Moreover, in a small body, the instinct performs miracles.

If science would one day do the work of a single human body, a plant would need at least two square kilometers for a single human being. AMay most incredible machine! And maybe even then not infallible, the machine can break, be stopped, there may be a power outage. However, for seventy years without stopping, or even a few people for a hundred years, the instinct is still working perfectly.

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