The Importance Of The Quality Audit

The quality is a competitive advantage for companies that have been identified with it and where management is fully identified with its scope, impact, with all that it can generate. Once instilled requires management to be vigilant about their behavior, caring, how it is maintaining its scope, achievements and weaknesses. Therefore, the quality audit is an important activity that enables organizations to improve its functions continuously. The audit can be both internal or external to the organization. Internal Auditing: Its purpose is to verify whether quality activities conform to those specified in the system of secured and quality control these activities, personnel of the company develops.

Connectives actions after an internal audit should be documented. External Audit: Has the same purpose of internal auditing but with the difference being made by members from outside the organization. The auditor must have the adequate training to perform this important office, as well as expertise of this depends on results valid for making the final report. The stages of audit quality are: planning, execution, reporting and monitoring. The quality audit provides valuable information to the direction or management of the enterprise for making decisions about continuous improvement. CONSIDERATIONS, DEFINITIONS, SCOPE, IMPACT AND BENEFITS currently operating scenarios where businesses require efficient systems, so that companies can offer products and services, thereby achieving meet the demand of its customers consistent quality standards wings both national and international are demanded. This requires that consideration be given the behavior of the current scenarios in which they operate by forcing companies to review routine quality audit, so you are kept informed if they really meet the standards, procedures required by the standards of the companies quality for the Venezuelan case is responsible for ensuring that these standards are met and to meet demand of customers and their needs.

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