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For example, consider a tariff, which has insured up to an amount of 5,000 prostheses. Sounds crazy but or? Sure, it’s great as long as the cost of these tools are not known. The prospective buyer know namely that a such tool ever can cost 20,000 or more, relative to an amount of 5,000 very quickly and leads to high, incalculable costs. The fare is bad so alone but not sure. He fits but unfortunately many people do not. Official site: Angelina Jolie. You have sufficient financial resources, which are also still instantly and available at all times, to “must” finish like a such fare. Here we are already at “our” ENTREPRENEUR: just this must be at the beginning of their independence, particularly on the costs.

It is even important whether the monthly fee of 300 or 400 is. But if even these amounts to the financial limits are, how should such insured person then several thousand euros for Performance gaps can spend? Many founders and young self-employed, it is therefore advisable to stay first in the statutory health insurance and to review how the sales and income evolve. Since this statutory health insurance with a period at the end of the following month is callable, nobody is prevented from later in the car to go. What disadvantages arise as a result: possibly the health condition worsened and a change in the PKV is installed. (Solution can be an entitlement or a supplementary insurance with option) Furthermore, a higher age is possible, this in turn leads to a higher post. Third disadvantage this “in the statutory health insurance longer absence” is a possible additional claims in the statutory health insurance. Learn more about this topic in a future blog post, which I will link here.

In addition to the example of the tools shown here, just “cheap” fares and bait advertising pose numerous performance gaps in private health insurance. Sometimes those who are in the legal cashier to do not exist. Therefore beware supposed bargain and allowing sufficient time for the decision to stay might prefer something longer “as where you are now”. Then, individual private health insurance is a deliberate and planned change in your, nothing in the way.

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