The Fear

The education through a VISION HOLISTA, allows to acquire an integral education that allows the human being establishes an order in the own one brings back to consciousness, to recognize its true identity and to be happy in the life. This new vision gives a human face him to the education and puts in center to the espiritualidad. The genuine espiritualidad to which it makes reference perennial philosophy is also a creative presence in the world that contributes to transform the well-being of all the beings. All we can contribute to find that peace that we longed for like humanity, working in equipment and community. When we isolated ourselves and we acted in individualistic form we underwent more, we locked in ourselves, and it is not as well as we will obtain our well-being, nevertheless when we lived with brings back to consciousness more universal, we are more accessible, happier, healthier, more plenary sessions, more developed, will be living in totality with the universe creating bows of union and work, with a Holista thought that it will be teaching to us that what is good for me also helps you, this Holista idea is the interdependence, that is to say what I do to you of positive or negative I also do it to me.

This thought will increase in us brings back to consciousness person in charge who will allow us to take care of to all and to all whatever it is to ours around and of equal way our own social relations. DAVID FONTANA mentions in their participation in Holistas dialogues: the insecurity is born from the fear, the fear is born from the belief that always it is necessary to protect to us, so that what it is not good for me I see as threatens. Our social relations will improve when we accept that through you I will be happy and vice versa, with a positive mentality and enthusiastic we will be able to make reality our hopes because the connection with the universe of a conscious form exists that in love and with love we will be cocreating our realities that will arise from the conscious and universal human connection.

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