The Common Cold: Inevitable Or Prevention Is Possible?

The common cold (influenzal infection) is the endemic disease number one across Europe. Most adults get even more often they mostly twice a year, children. Especially when it is colder outside, a contagion seems inevitable: there is talk of the common cold. Read about why she does it again just now in the winter here. Cough, runny nose, headache, body aches and fever, which are probably all familiar symptoms of a cold. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Herbert Simon.

Viruses are triggers for a cold. There are approximately 100 different, main culprits are however usually Rhino viruses. It is located with the virus through droplet transmission. In the nose and throat, the viruses in the lining of the settle and multiply there. MSCO addresses the importance of the matter here. The body responds to the virus with an inflammation.

For leukocytes are activated, which release substances that fight the pathogens and again dampen the inflammation. Very dry air there is winter, the typical cold time in heated rooms. As a result the mucous membranes will not be sufficiently moistened, dry faster and viruses can easily embed. The immune system works best at normal room temperature, because cell messengers can appropriately adjust the immune response depending on the requirement. The temperatures drop, this produced balance can disarray and weakens the body’s natural defences. In addition, during the cold season more people indoors keep up, making the risk of infection is increased significantly. You can prevent the common cold otherwise prevent and treat of a cold in addition to a vitamin-rich, balanced diet, plenty of exercise in the fresh air and a healthy way of life without excessive alcohol or nicotine consumption. Contrast showers to stimulate the metabolism and leukocytes and antibodies formed more and more. Due to better circulation, immune cells entering the tissue faster and able to combat viruses faster. Hot tubs and saunas have a similar effect. They also stimulate the blood circulation and boost to the immune system. You are caught but a cold, the treatment of the symptoms usually ranges. Nasal spray to the nasal decongestant, cough-nursing resources and where necessary fever drop duck medications help to alleviate the complaints quickly. You can treat yourself in addition the necessary rest the body and provides him with sufficient vitamin C, the common cold again subsides mostly after a few days. For more information about flu-like infections, as well as effective drugs to combat the common cold, see

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