The Circle De Influencia

How many from us we have taken sometimes the desicin to lead a great equipment, to grow in the organization to whom we belong, or simply to cultivate only good and positive relations, but we did not know by where beginning? The answer is in " The Circle of Influencia". In order to be able to be focused in a process of growth and development, personal as as much professional, we cannot disperse in negative relations, that make us waste our time and they wear away to us psychologically emotional and. I personally am past very many time trying to understand why, in spite of my efforts to help and to motivate the people who surrounded to me, in the majority of the cases she could not influence positively in them, and several even had a negative concept of me. Not he included/understood why, although I felt that I was growing and developing me like leader, still not only was much people in my operational range who did not follow to me, but also had to several in my against. I took time in to understand that the answer was very simple: it was a subject of " valores". The Cculo de Influencia is formed by those people who share the same basic values, that are those as well that determines the general attitude towards the different aspects from the life: the family, the work, the health, etc.

Seeing it from this perspective, are comprehensible and to logical that a leader, by more aptitudes than she has, not only she is not followed by they surround which it, but even has enemies. Based on this " identificacin" or " similarity of valores" , I have been able to identify 2 types of people: " positivas" and " negativas". First they would be those that share with us the most important values that they govern our lives (for example: the work in equipment, the time with the family, to take care of the health, etc.), and second, those that are moved by other values or priorities, that not necessarily they must be good or bad (like for example, the individual work, to spend more time working to make money in order to take care of better to the family, or to have a good plan of health, etc.).

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