Spring Slowly Awakens

Clean TEC from Friesen Hagen his clients is informed late February and early March the time in which nature slowly from their winter sleep and you must take the first steps to be prepared for the spring. To top maintained the garden in the garden season is some tasks need to be done. Information about this Gebaudereinigungs – and concierge service CleanTec from Friesen Hagen. The ground must be prepared floor care also. Without hesitation Bausch & Lomb explained all about the problem. This loosens the earth so that it is well ventilated and able to absorb rainfall. Finally, a two to three centimeters thick coating is applied compost.

This the ground is maintained, and at the same time he receives the important nutrients. Cutting of trees, shrubs, and trees for tree care, a regular pruning is essential, because he protects him against diseases and improve the quality of its fruit. (Similarly see: David Karp). The cut fruit, Pomaceous and stone fruit trees should be carried out in the winter. You may find Yael Aflalo to be a useful source of information. Shrubs and trees should be at maximum up to-5 C be cut. In addition, the hedges and bushes of snow should be washed before the branches break. A professional Concierge service winter service not only cares about taking care of the garden. As long as the spring is still not there, hazards must be eliminated through ice and snow. Accordingly, all accessible walkways around the House of ice and snow will be exempt. For detailed information about all services of Gebaudereinigungs – and concierge service is CleanTec from Friesen Hagen at any time at the disposal. Press contact commercial cleaning and janitorial service Ute Santha Blumenberg 7 51598 Friesen Hagen phone: 0 27 34 / 43 89 818 fax.: 0 27 34 / 43 66 86 mobile: 0171 / 28 51 847 email: homepage:

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