Societe Generale Valuation

EURO STOXX 50 and Daimler shares as underlying memory express paper are considered a relatively secure and low-risk investment option. While other securities the prices must rise so that the investor benefits, it is sufficient memory Express products, the prices of the underlying assets not under a certain limit fall. The Exchange Portal the Societe Generale introduces two new memory express papers. The two new papers is STOXX 50 for one to the 19th installment of the memory express product on the EURO and on the other to a memory express on the Daimler share. So that investors make a profit at these papers, the courses have to reach a certain value on the final valuation date in relation to the first valuation day. At least 70 percent of the output value must be achieved for the memory express on the EURO STOXX 50 is the memory threshold at 60 percent, with the memory express on Daimler shares. Due to its slightly larger risk buffer, the memory express on the EURO STOXX 50 suitable also for especially safety-conscious investors.

However the possible annual coupon is only seven percent. At the Daimler-memory Express, investors can get an annual coupon of 10 percent. These coupons are paid out, provided that the prices of the underlying assets at the dates on the threshold of memory are or exceed them. Should they even write on a valuation day under the appropriate values, the coupons are not lost however. If the course again on a later valuation date exceeds the threshold, the offbeat coupons will be made up.

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