Soccer Barcelona Club

How F.C. Barcelona formed Soccer Barcelona Club formed from the meeting of an interested friendly group to practice sport altogether. It was born from the call realised by Hans Gamper, day 22 of October of 1,899 in the magazine " The Deportes". From this, day 29 of November of 1,899 the club was based formally on the gymnasium I paved. Between the first men who attended this initial and historical fact in the life of Soccer Barcelona Club, they were: Joan Gamper, Gualteri Wild, Llus d" Oss, Bartomeu Terraces, Otto Kunzle, Otto Maier, Ducal Enric, Pere Cabot, Carles Pujol, Josep Llobet, John Parsons and William Parsons First uniform and shield the first uniform of the F.C. Barcelona already had the colors that we know at the moment and that are the historical colors of the Catalan institution: the colors blue and seed. Unlike the present clothing, the t-shirt was divided in 2 colors: average blue and average it seeds, with the sleeves of the inverse color and completed the uniform with white trousers.

In beginnings, the shield of the club was different from which we know today since he was equal to the shield of the city of Barcelona. This was thus in the beginnings to show all the citizenship the intention to him to identify to the new club with the city. In 1.910, it was summoned to a contest so that the club had its own shield and the shield sent by an anonymous partner was the one that won and the one that lasts until these days. Titles gained and outstanding encounter until them beginning of the Spanish Civil War the 8 of December of 1,899 was the first party of the history of F.C. Barcelona. One faced an equipment formed by men of the English colony of the city and was defeated by 1 goal.

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