The Swiss company Rivella brought the first real European light product Switzerland/Rothrist 1959, may 2009 as was still 1984? The Neue Deutsche Welle drilled in the ear canals, shoulder pads blew up all body mass and then there is this American beverage group, which suddenly knew its products with the attribute of light was. An innovation? Again as a mega-trend in the United States? Rather not. A quarter of a century earlier, in 1959 had the Swiss company Rivella in the tranquil Rothrist in the beautiful Canton of Aargau a low-calorie soft drink on the market already. The arguably most elegant milestone in beverage history: 25 years before the world the General light sense fell into disrepair, the Swiss had already their calorie Rivella blue with growing enthusiasm. Wait’s invented Rivella,’s had the Swiss and the rest of the world was still quite awhile on light\”.

It probably needs this quite some serenity and Sovereignty, which you often envied the Swiss, to take such innovations naturally and not to break out in global marketing shouting. Swissness’ call it the Swiss themselves and mean their very special lifestyle. When measured by the name of Rivella he comes from the Italian Rivelazione\”, revelation, that is quite self-confident. However one has only a real Swiss to ask, in which soft drink he imposes the word revelation ice cold. Only a few will not immediately call Rivella for this question. That Rivella Blue has set a milestone in the history of the drink with the variety, is striking at the latest one when you questioned not too light, why the long on the label\”was called. Ultimately the designation of light \”for low calorie drinks until 1984 by Coca Cola Light coined and Rivella blue there are already many years earlier. Alone in the years 1970 through 1979, Rivella blue boosted sales by 370 percent.

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