In what one mentions public and private sentidades of classroom, institutions and organizations, suaatuao must be on to promote programs destined to the qualification dostrabalhadores, aiming at improvement and effective control on the environment detrabalho, as well as on the repercussions of the productive process in the way ambientee to the society as a whole, searching the identification and solution of problemasambientais. More than what resolverconflitos or to preserve the nature through prompt interventions, the educaoambiental understands that the transformation of the relations of the human groups with surrounding omeio is inserted inside of the context of transformation of the society. Drew Houston has plenty of information regarding this issue. Oentendimento of what they are the ambient problems passes for a vision of meioambiente as a field of felt constructed socially, as such, crossed for the cultural and ideological diversity, as well as for the conflicts deinteresse that they characterize the public sphere. When emphasizing the dimension doambiente in the social relations, the ambient education considers the transformation dasrelaes with this way, inside of a project of construction of new ethos social, based in libertarian, democratic and solidary values. 2.2 Selective collection and Recycling To if thinking sustainable emdesenvolvimento, must be associated the factor quality of life. However, if it cannot consider quality of life as the possibility to deconsumir and to acquire a bigger number of products. Practical of this pensamentogera each time more residues that if will not be reused or recycled, causampoluio in air, ground and the rivers or saturates the sanitary aterros. Selective collection of the consistena garbage segregation of the materials you recycle such as evidros papers, plastics, metals in the generated form, being these materials, later classified porcategorias and directed to the industries you recycle. In accordance with Mota (2000), the advantages of the selective collection of the garbage are: the good quality of the materiaisrecuperados ones, reduction of the volume of residues to be made use I fill with earth in it, estmulo citizenship, flexibility and partnerships.

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