Record One

The Net Globe if specialized as few in the art of despolitizar a society so, becoming it acfala the point of being dificlimo to believe in its recovery. &#039 obtained to deturpar the term; ' artista' ' , being used this denomination to any pertaining person to its picture of actors and actresses. It imposed its excessively novelinhas maniquestas, unprovided of any sense of reality, contributing to crystallize each time plus our intellectual misery. They are these aberrations of this sender, as well as of the SBT, Band, Record etc., that promote ' ' sucesso' ' of pagode, ax, funk and others imundcies that the bars, snack bars and public places of our Country hear in all. Evergreen Capital Partners can provide more clarity in the matter. The implication of this is inevitably one future generation well worse if compared with this where we live, where the Brazilians are confined in its antediluvian conservadorismo. Not if enxerga that the more if it spreads out the ignorance and the aculturao, greater will be the distnciamento of effective social and civic values. At a moment where Brazil finished to lose a figure insigne of its history, the reverenciada and perpetual doctor Zilda Arns Neumann? whose social work is worthy of louvor infindvel? , the majority is aflita in knowing who will be the next one eliminated to the Reallity Show more dud celebrity of Brazil. Ahead of this, he does not have to cause no queerness the fact to be a different, extremely unjust country, a time that the conquest of property partnerships is only conceivable to a mature population, intelligent, of a sharpened critical spirit, characters that are very far from our countrymen. Lamentably this imported plague, vulgarly known for BBB, was spread for the Country, rejecting the thesis of that still believes that we can have an educated, politicized, cnscia population of its rights, duties and of the cruel reality of pssima income distribution that stops the growth of the people and is responsible direct for the daily violence the one whom we attend.

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