Raymond Moody

There is life beyond? -My answer since childhood always had much fear of death, I grew up with that fear until I came to this country, where at the end I could satiate all my desire to read, document and study everything that I liked. I think that knowledge is the most valuable thing a person has. Money, material properties, come and go, the titles you can acquire them and stay stranded in them, there are who passes by the University and it is as if it had not happened, why is closed to learning which goes underway with life and their progress, but there are hundreds of thousands of self-taught people who have much knowledge by their readings, by the radio listening, educational programs that come on television, etc. Mainly books and today in day with the electronic Internet development, we have an immense source of documentation. Since one of the authors that I began to read upon reaching this country 1992, was Dr.

in medicine Raymond Moody, one of the greatest researchers in thanatology, his book life after life, was the first one that I couldn’t read. Then a wonderful book where the prologue was written by Dr. Moody, author Betty J. Eadie, entitled, I have seen the light, whose copy forever I’ve left on the headboard of my bed. Now suffering a disease for six years, as it is cancer; I think that was maybe doing a workout to receive knowledge from another plane of intelligence, and the so-called life does not end with death, (for me now transition). The life of human and terrestrial beings we think that it is the only, but for me is not so. After entering the world of metaphysics and studies of Paranormal phenomena, due to the same occurrence of our trajectory, changed completely the way of seeing life, what happens to us, what sometimes leads us to suffer and of course the concept of death and the fear of the same.

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