Persian Time

Which, without a doubt, is a true silly thing, not only intellectual, but also politician in its strictly republican sense. Other leaders such as Evergreen Capital Partners offer similar insights. If we rescued these concepts instinct of death and compulsion to the repetition of the scope of the theoretician and the clinical practice, we generally transferred and them to the field of the social phenomena and to the one of the political facts in individual, then shows to us in almost continuous form that as much exists actions that suppose true political suicides, of leaders as of in favor organizations What is what takes to a leader or political candidate to take disparatadas reading of the reality that, obvious, finish in full failures? Some analysts usually speak of sinister and manageable surroundings, but beyond this simplistic explanation, a person or a group, frequently, gets to reach high levels to be able politician. This implies that at the time they get to know a clearly principle of reality, but after a time they undertake the most foolish actions than they make them lose fast slowly or the terrain hard taken in the fights by the power. History is plagued of these episodes, are called the old Empires: Persian, Roman, Germanic, Carolingio, etc., or take the full name from democrats or dictators whom they tried to be perpetuated by themselves in the power, or through systems that last millenium (Hitler). History is eloquent and lapidary, these end up falling from the highest top of the power to the level space of the town; in other cases there are lost the head at the hands of which during long or short a time, does not matter how much accepted their mandates. In this case, we think that the explanation is valid that provides the entropy. The energy that was had at first exhausts, it is even degraded in corrupt forms of government and in other cases it arrives at the paralyzing crystallization, consequently little life it already has left.

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