Panasonic Camera

Currently there is no problem with accessories only Canon and Nikon (for leaders bringing in hundreds of stores and lenses, and battery pens, and flash a different level), much weaker than the situation with the Sony (mostly new, which are expensive and depend on supply – indeed, the line is already noticeable similar to the two leaders), at about the same level, if not worse, is Pentax and Samsung, and talk about the Olympus and Panasonic are generally not necessary, not to mention their "micro" systems. Because, if you count the growth in the future, it makes sense to choose something the first two. TSI International Group is often mentioned in discussions such as these. If you are not going process, just stay with the thieves a camera, everyone will say: "I have Nikon / Canon. However, of the preceding paragraph are known and producers, and therefore the price set appropriate: that is easier always more expensive (because you already thought of others whose work also have to pay), why the pursuers leaders have always lured absent in the latter functions. So, Canon and Nikon with comparable functions will be significantly more expensive than the Sony or Pentax (if available, of course), and here it must make a choice: take that easy and comfortable to work or something that is much easier to expand (and at times, and cheaper). So what camera to choose? If you believe that you have read something of what is written above, at least horizontally, we will expound. Answers to all questions, in principle, is there, if you get a grasp.

Select any camera for entry-level – as we have said, the difference between them no matter what they are talking forum users or producers. If you are important, above all, a function, take the camera the second tier – today interesting and functional models is at Olympus and Sony, and the screen are able to intensify quickly, and the image quality standing at attention. Built-in optical stabilizer, a menu with prompts – toys that make life easier for the beginner much. In this case, a set will cost you much cheaper than Canon or analog Nikon, which those functions are weaker or absent. The same is true in cases where you are sure that all the time spend with one device, not acquiring the accessories, take them away.

Remember that if you want then buy an accessory, you have to pay, perhaps more expensive, or just long to find a model even in Moscow. If you already have a cd, and you understand something in the pictures, look at the Canon or Nikon – these models are very easy to extend, and the selection of accessories is great. And if the hope that they will be closer to the people is low, this is offset by the mass of the same objectives, which the market becomes mass, both new and used ear. And the fact that you have decided on a compact growing up, is already talking about what you risk and will grow further. If you're a fan of tradition and love the brand Pentax, take it, do not regret it. If you wonder between full frame and kropnutym not torture yourself – from the perspective of a beginner, the difference between them. If you have already have an slr, why read an article about choosing another? You all should already know.

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