In our life, us we find many people, we make many things, we say much bobagem, but we very think little about what we made, or in what we go to make why in the truth we act for impulse and we shoot for all the sides, similar of that let us make right our target The worse one of everything is that the ouros shots can reach other people and that these people with certainty go to know of where came the shot more never goes to know the reason and agent does not go to know to justify itself, then our life starts to be a war and the shot who more than made right the certain target not in the valley swims, and all the effort if mixture with the fire and turns .nada smoke. more than smoke. We must to think before to act we must to rethink when we are acting and we must think one more time when already we made and it did not give certain. We are privileged rational beings for the wisdom of being able to think, we fit, only we, to know in what thinking, and thinking, thus we will only make the certain things and we will not need to reach nobody so that let us make right our target and let us reach our objectives..

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