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The question of where to register a dominion for our site Internet must be something very serious and must spend time at the time of choosing what will be the company in which we will deposit our confidence. (Not to be confused with Dropbox!). Like expert in the subject, I have happened through several experiences with respect to where it agrees to register a dominion. Many people only take into account the variable from the price at the time of choosing a serious company. Although there are many serious companies there are, them also not as much. When one chooses where to register the dominion outside the price, that can several nowadays only difference dollars, there are other variables important to consider. Among them the additional services that offer, like being: hosting, forwardeo of emails, creation of amount emails (that varies of course), protection against the robbery of the dominion and others. Others of the subjects important to consider, are the quality on watch of the attention, since there are companies that do not tell on telephone attention, and this causes that at moment that we want to realise a change it is to us respond impossible us in the awaited time.

These companies only have a service of attention to the client from emails and causes that in many cases it becomes more difficult to be made understand, and understand his respuetas that they estan loaded of technical terms that can be a headache for without experience in the subject. We have noticed that many of the Hispanic companies that register dominions, much more have an expensive price that the North American companies or others and the service is practically the same. For that the English cannot understand, the decision to choose a Hispanic company is correct since thus also it will be the telephone service.

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