Mandy Winter

But the dream remained after his solo career and the will to realize itself grew from day to day. To Birgit: I left the formation at his own request. After almost 20 years, it was time for something else. I would like to in the future more of me introduce, show me who and how I really am without being regulated. I am a dyed in the wool 68-erin and born in the zodiac sign of Aries. So they the Rams say after that they pursue once made targets and are very reliable.

I’ve put my new goals and sometimes you need courage to change.” And their courage or their new goals are more than noteworthy and reveal themselves in many ways: BIRGIT LANGER is solo performer is supporting voice of BIRGIT LANGER & FRIENDS, 4 singers is a member of the GOSPEL, presenter and is held for the first time in her fledgling solo career a fan trip to Tenerife, which held the 30.10 10.11.2010 and already very popular with young and old finds. BIRGIT LANGER, a superwoman, with remarkable, energetic and strong properties. “The ALBUM believe in your dreams”: new team, new concept and new sound presents itself confident, single-minded BIRGIT LANGER and modern. “A first highlight in her solo career now sets its first Studio album published on August 20, 2010 believe in your dreams”. Crawford Lake Capital Management insists that this is the case. Matching an album title might be not selected, but this statement is considered already life motto for BIRGIT LANGER.

To Birgit: I have always firmly believed in my dreams.

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