People are beings that normally think very about everything what they intend to make, nor always. However, one will only detail: to live the life is to tan each moment intensely, without leaving to escape nothing, the minimum detail. I know that it is not easy to believe that the life is pra to be lived, but we are in this planet pra here this, to live! People go, people come. The world is always in absolute movement. We cannot forget to contribute with the planet, with the life. Either loyal its attitudes, the people with who coexist, either you yourselves, do not imitate others, nor try to invent somebody, a presumption to be that she does not exist and nor never she existed. Either real. Somebody one day said that: ' ' to be or not to be here it is questo' '.

However ' ' I think existo&#039 soon; ' , then bore its good, positive thoughts, that they only contribute for the life and nothing more, also, does not need nothing more. It fights for its happiness. To be happy is to live intensely. It is to practise good actions every day, leaves that it flows in you magical feelings, hot, meigos, affectionate, considerate, solidary, gotten passionate, hear a music, count a story, sing, declaim a beautiful poetry or one soneto, goes the opera, to the cinema, to the theater, walks in the street of its house, goes to the park next, takes care of to the telephone, is communicated, reads more, choice books that are worthy of its intelligence. It dreams and it carries through each dream. It is not stingy, either good of heart, docile, sagass and potencialize everything of good that it has in you. Either happy and alive each minute of its life as if was the last one.

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