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Almost simultaneously to your publication, on the same day at least, appeared the first comment in all of them the same comment on each one, in which a person that identifies if same as an administrator / moderator of the site reminds me that on that site just published content in English does not stop surprising me and if perhaps once again review the terms of use of the site, to conscience that complete leo are not always (an annoyance) and could have skipped that point, but there is no such regulation in them so… with education I remember the commentator that the users, both writers and readers, have the right to choose in that language want to write or read their contents and that I have not found any regulation in this respect in terms of use. Here came the revelation, now if in private and not public comment: is not a regulation the complete uncle is not a code of Honor the muddy telling me that content in other languages are not relevant to the Anglo-Saxon users and also by its amount of strange characters are a vexing technical complication (even though that in my articles all the accents and enes appeared as God intended) one of the articles that came to publish me was that outlines the IV International Congress of the Language Spanish, where stood out, precisely, the relevance that is acquiring the Spanish language on the Internet, unique item among the 4 that published me that it had received additional comments from this individual, (English commentary), thanking the information the corollary to all this is the search of the according to him little appealing Spanish language on the Internet and the results are already in sightalmost 81 million idiots believe that learning the Spanish language is relevant enough to devote their money and work to create and maintain as many sites on the Internet for its teaching and dissemination and if they take my example and perform that search will see that there are many warnings type AdSense that appear next to search results which reveals that the movement of money in relation to this type of sites and activities is not negligible (another measure of its relevance right?) I already wrote another article, this time in patient and careful English, (which not is where) (se colgaran para no publicar_melo), where I give you a detailed explanation of all this that I have outlined them and if they publish it I promise to put a direct link, so all can see what I’m talking about, here to see if it is I’m me (which I’ve never embarrassed of my paranoia) or is that in truth in that site problems are not technical but mental in nature a matter of honour to Learn Spanish man!

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