The management of situations that generate conflicts is not an easy task. In this study it is intended to analyze the psicossociolgico phenomenon of the Conflict, in order to be possible adequate techniques to its resolution to be used, without wasting too much resources, using to advantage its positive force, to reach the objectives of the organization. (PUTNAM, 1997 p.148). Organizations are composed for groups of people who interact between itself, either in a more fragile or more rigorous way. These argue due the discord of ideas, different interpretations of the occurrences or opposing values. ' ' (…) the conflict is not only inevitable, it represents the nature of the complex organizations, (…) does not mean the rupture of a intentionally cooperative system before is central what an organization ' ' (PUTNAM, 1997 p.148). This constitutes a so fincada evidence of the organizations that is impensvel to assume, its suppression or that this is always negative or unnecessary. (PUTNAM, 1997).

The definition of Conflict is plural presenting scarce consensus. One of the definitions most sober can to be ' ' process that if initiates when an individual or a group if feels affected by another person negative or grupo' ' (OF DREU; 1997 9 P.) or the other most emphatical one as ' ' Divergence of perspectives, perceived as generating of tension for at least one of the involved parts in one determined interaction and that it can or not to express itself an incompatibility of objetivos' ' (OF DREU; WEINGART; 2002; DIMAS, LOURENZO and MIGUEZ 2005). It agrees to clarify that Conflict is different of problem. In a Conflict parts in confrontation exist and develop a hostility attitude, while in a problem have a group of people who work in set, developing themselves an approach attitude (ALMEIDA, 1995). 3 3,1 INTERPERSONAL CONFLICTS CONCEPT OF INTERPERSONAL CONFLICTS What it means conflict? Of Latin conflicto, shock of that fights; folloied quarrel of injuries and threats, disagreement; war fights combat, collision, shock, the determinative basic element of the dramatical action, which if develops in function of opposition and fight between the different forces (BLACKSMITH, 1996 p 363).

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