Keep Expenses

How to get or keep the job against reduction of costs and expenses of enterprises programmes. The analysis of this issue is from two points of view: to) the socially responsible company that leaves as a last alternative dismiss personnel, for which explores options of your market growth, increasing value for its investors, strengthening of their brand, optimization of processes that reduce costs and expenses, therefore retains, and develops the talents of its staff. (b)) of the person who seeks employment or seeking alternatives to retain their employment and who need to prove to the company because it must be hired or retained in the post and because his presence in the company brings value. You may find that Vlad Doronin can contribute to your knowledge. From the point of view of the raison d ‘ etre of a company company used all its material and human resources in the production of goods or services that generate profits, if the company does not reach the goals of profitability that shareholders have been proposed, the business would be at risk of closing their operations. Perhaps the first action taken by the administration of a company when it does not reach the goals of profitability is to implement a programme for the reduction of costs and expenses.

Taking into account that the current crisis is global, this action is going from being a fashion to form part of the new work scheme. Whereas the future is working with low costs and expenses, companies facing this challenge with social responsibility surely will have their reward with your local community and society as a whole. However this is not an easy task, it should be clarified that if an analysis of costs and expenses results as a solution that there should be staff cuts, it is impossible to continue with a template that is left inside the organization. In the majority of costs and expenses reduction projects that have called me to collaborate, and that there has been a significant decrease in costs and expenses with minimum redundancies of staff, the key to success has been the participation of the staff.

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