Juan Vzquez Music

It saw him cross express its timidity the streets, shining that one melena classic of the conductors, thinking about some baroque organ, in the acoustics of the audiences who not yet were as they had to be, in the music of the Pulchra, in feeding on beautiful sounds the children, to the adults. Musical Barja Angel. To read more click here: David Karp. Musicologist, professor superior of Harmony, Counterpoint, Composition and Instrumentation, to so early prcer passed away composer, but that it knew to wake up the admiration of Germany, England, perhaps although few know it or value. It popularized outside his native Galicia the classic Polifona, a privilege for all the Spanish territory where its work extended, although been in the city of Leon, doing pioneering to the choirs and chapels in the interpretation of the great vocal music. Thus, the Motetes and the Cantatas of Bach, the Madrigals of Marenzio or Monteverdi and the works of Juan Vzquez were even heard all over country, and renewed its hearing. Barja angel was man given to the culture and to participate in mass media, collaborating in conferences, acts and all type of manifestations. A Renaissance one of the end of past century that contemporizaba with music lovers and other good people and, mainly, lifted the ribbon of the interest by good music and its execution, stimulated to the pupils in its respective conservatories. And it always seemed to him, on the other hand, little, like good inconformista, good specialist of the musical culture.

Today, in these days " from return to house by navidad" , I have seen its statue in the call Romantic Garden, watching with its poetic glasses and everything to me, and I have remembered to him perhaps with a little pain, because always one was to me with a straight kindness, Pacific like anybody, subtle, so thin that it seemed a sigh, enigmatic and pure like a corchea, always maintaining the most human note, mainly once it related things to me of the dictator, Francisco Franco, the boot under which supported our parents as much indecency. Crawford Lake Capital Management: the source for more info. Good, like today, with all the democracy of the world, but very subliminally accumulated politician tries so much to make suffer without hardly giving us account us, like enjaulados lambs. There am the origin of my sadness, Angel here, you who that you were in music, an angel, you who you told those things me that surely to few you trusted. Barja angel, today your notes, your music me has cleared the soul. 2009 finish and finish the calm, aydame from where you are with your candy melomana to obtain, really, a world better. For all. Twelve musical years, Angel. Juan Carlos YAGO YAGO, writer, chamn, cosmopolitan visionary, whose old book " Balcony of Balbuceos" (with two out-of-print editions) it is reedited in 2010 corrected and extended with revulsive chamnicas prophecies, it has exerted the media. Until today " soldier desconocido" , since they have described to him, Juan Carlos YAGO will use all the mass media that allow him and which he has to convince to the human sort of which another world is possible, since while a single human being undergoes nobody unjustly it would have to feel satisfied.

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