Initiative Against Puppy Discount Writes Open Letter To Zoo Zajac

Zoo Zajac still in the cross-fire of criticism open letter to Norbert Zajac Zoo Zajac in the cross-fire of criticism for years remains the Duisburg pet shop Zoo Zajac’ in criticism from animal rights activists. So, sold business of wild animals which are not suitable for keeping private and has broken with the principle, that cats in pet stores are sold. Now, Zajac goes a step further. Puppies should bring in future to the blossoming business. Animal and dog lovers regularly to demonstration events before Zoo Zajac retail gathering since March of this year. This campaign is supported by many animal rights and animal welfare organizations. The initiative against puppy discount together now “established.

We will give any room this immoral business idea and would like to create with this writing a few words on the farmer and businessman Mr Zajac personally. Mr Zajac, please allow us a few personal words to you: it is our pleasure to inform you to can that from initial information campaign against your plan now a powerful initiative has become, which is subject to a rising growth, with more and more partners. Maybe the legitimate question, why should they get all our attention from the mass of the animal acts arises you. You are businessman, no animal or animal lovers in order to volunteer. We have understanding.

Have understanding”and agree with something” but are two pair of shoes. And a shoe is bleeding tremendously! Don’t misunderstand us, every businessman should be profit-maximizing work. A company seeking profit. But at any price? This question arises and should be allowed. If we succeed in our economic actions involving morality and ethics, we will have even greater success. “Daniel Goeudevert, top manager & Chief Executive Officer on the (Volkswagen) you have to tap a market niche for themselves profitably with a taboo broken and not for the first time. There is nothing like a few personal words, Mr Zajac. You may like to submit to us a personal opinion and let us know how our further discussion can be. “Because one thing is certain: we just starting with our work and there is still lots of how they say air above”. Sincerely the initiative against puppy discount contact: animal-peace media coordination Friedrich – Alfred str.

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