Honorary Consultant

The fee for an honorary consultant is not significantly more expensive than an equally independent consulting in the consumer centres there, as have almost opened the consumer centres throughout Germany hunting on financial and banking consultants because regularly one reads at the moment of false and dubious advice, consulting errors, bad and inappropriate recommendations from some customizable advice. Not a pretty picture, which draw consumer centres and yet is near suspected, that there is a real and true image. But not only by lack of competence, the speech is perhaps worse still is the policy of insurance companies and their intermediaries to pay often High Commission for every new contract. The same applies to the brokerage of financial investment products of any kind. Even from a Commission-controlled degree which is the speech the investment or insurance product is then less according to the requirements and needs of customers selected as rather according to the amount of the Commission for the Intermediary. This circumstance is into the focus of policy especially in private health insurance so that you already consults on a capping of commissions for each new contract.

Until then however, consumers still must be prepared that your consultant rather decides according to the amount of his Commission as to the requirements of its customers. But help is coming for every consumer can opt for a fee consultation. An honorary Consulting provides that a particular fee is paid for a consultation and all commissions at the same time and kick-backs (if legally possible) be paid out to the customer. This fee can be agreed upon on an hourly basis. Here are largely free of consultants and customer in their agreements.

A honorary consultant costs around 125 euros per hour and is about as cheap as an independent advice in the consumer centres. As a consumer, but has the certainty that the Honorary Adviser is not driven by the amount of the Commission, but only the His customer is obliged. Such a consultant is usually independent from individual insurance companies or banks and can select thus far reaching market offer the product, which fits perfectly to the needs of the customers. At the same time, he is obliged, but geared exclusively to the needs of its customers any society to the conclusion of the contract. The fee for an honorary consultant is not significantly more expensive than an equally independent consulting in the consumer centres. As a designated specialist, however, he knows to perfection a condition which can hardly meet the professionals in the consumer advice centre market and the companies. A comprehensive knowledge of the market in turn is strongly recommended, because much too fast a product is selected otherwise, which brings more harm than good.

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