Growing Rare Plants

Recently among plant lovers have become very popular rare species, which previously was almost impossible to acquire. A wide choice of seeds and adult plants on the shelves of flower shops few people from gardeners leave today indifferent. Buying a new exotic or rare plants, very often we do not know anything about its origin and growth conditions. Information that can be found on the Internet for some species, often quite contradictory, and little help florist to plant successfully stuck at home. In these cases, the most valuable material will be articles of the authors, who on the practical experience mastered the cultivation of new and rare species can share the subtleties of farming of a species. Such items are not so much to gather information and have often bit by bit from different sources. To collect all this valuable information in one place, we had intended to draft national encyclopedia of rare plants, in which everyone could share their experiences freely publish his article on the website with a detailed description unique cultural practices, as well as successful upload photos of their pets. It is now published some interesting material, for example, an article on the practical experience of growing a interesting plants, as luffa cylindrical, where the author shares her secrets of cultivating this species for over 15 years. Few people know that it is luffa is used to make known to all sponges, and many believe that the raw material for these household items are some marine species. Everyone who has some interesting knowledge about the cultivation of rare plant species, we invite you to share your information in the pages of People encyclopedia of plants, your experience can be for many poistenne invaluable. Especially in the future you'll be able to find here something interesting for yourself.

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