Gonzalo Bernardos

And these volumes will be achieved is not soon. What housing is now the easiest way to sell? And what is the hardest? Gonzalo Bernardos: The best option to buy now – it's a three-or four-apartment located in large cities in areas with an average level of prices for real estate, where the cost of new housing supply is very reduced. In regions with this type of housing demand exceeds supply (not permanently, but nonetheless), and the sale is carried out very quickly, especially in cases If property value corresponds to the average. On the other hand, the worst option for the purchase of an apartment in a small town (population less than 10 000 inhabitants), where for decades there is an excess of housing, despite the fact that in recent times and in the next few years there have been and will not be built any new homes. This is a proposal for which there never will be an appropriate demand. To implement such reserves Housing now banks, savings banks or real estate agency conducting an aggressive advertising campaign, offering a real estate at deep discounts, which in some cases equal to or even above 50%. When real estate prices in Spain fall? Gonzalo Bernardos: In the last quarter of 2010, most likely, home prices in most developed Spanish regions will cease to decline (it should be noted that they are now there is not as high), although the rest of the country will continue to decline. From my point of view, despite the fact that the price adjustment for the fact was much higher than stated in official statistics Data through December 2010, it has not yet completed. .

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