General Law

Documents must be originals, or if that is not possible, authentic copies. This means that you must go to the notary so you legalize with his seal and signature. They may also be certified by the administration. And we reiterate that all this documentation must be well-managed and presented clearly. I PRESENT GUARANTEES? The warranties in this contest are not necessary.

This is one of the advantages that brought us the new General of the communication Audiovisual law, which even though it allows that the authorities ask for guarantees, does not require them. WHAT DOCUMENTATION MUST BE PRESENTED? In the case of the Spanish natural persons: DNI responsible declaration saying that we are not affected by the limitations that we have previously specified (that have revoked us the license, be up to date on payments to management, etc.). In other words: we are not affected by the prohibitions of article 49. of the Public Sector Contracts Act, and that we comply with the requirements of article 25 and neither are limited by sections 26 and 37 of the General Law on Audiovisual communication. This is a document that is signed, and which has value of official document. The persons physical not Spanish must submit: passport or other official document.

Report of the permanent diplomatic mission of Spain in the State from which they come to check that there is reciprocity. This report is only required for people from countries that are not part of the European economic area. Responsible declaration with the same requirements as Spanish natural persons. In the case of the Spanish legal persons (enterprises Nations) the documentation required is: articles of incorporation, as well as modifications, inscribed in the mercantile registry, or also document Constitution, statutes or the founding act that we have registered in the corresponding register. The NIF of the power company bastanteado by the General Law of the Generalitat. This document is achieved leading to the Agency specified a writing or copy of the powers of Attorney of the company administrator so that it is evidence that this person has power enough to represent the company in the bankruptcy process. Responsible (as in the above cases) statement specifying that the company is not affected by the prohibitions established by law. Accreditation of the percentage of disabled workers of the company. (Must be taken into account that this document may be useful in the event of a tie in the valuation.) And finally the people legal not Spanish. In this case many possibilities occur, and it is difficult to summarize the required documentation. Therefore we recommend to get in contact with us so that you advise on the phone 93.476.69.90. or in if already have the documentation prepared what do? It is essential to submit a request that will accompany to about 1 and 2 envelope/s. This application facilitates it the same Generalitat (is published in the DOCV). Remember that be can submit only one tender for each locality. This is important especially in municipalities where more than one frequency is offered. In this case, what we will do is sort the frequencies according to our order of priority or preference.

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