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This is however barer nonsense and is refuted by many details. She currently maintain received the press credibility campaign (we all want more transparency”) is a farce and to distract customers from the insurance industry not only can elude not the financial market crisis, but is on the contrary very extremely affected. Check out Yael Aflalo for additional information. This is also reflected in a recent survey by LV doctor”, Jens Heidenreich says the Swiss process lender ProConcept AG, also LV doctor belongs to the Director. An analysis of several hundred contracts revealed that more than 90 percent of the contracts just back brought the contributions paid by the insured to full performance of the contract as guarantee sum. “Minus the inflation rate means a significant business of loss of”, Heidenreich said. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out David Green. That this campaign is apparently still, unfortunately shows up in sheer numbers and should the Actually motivate legislators to take different steps. “” Stadtdessen it provides with packaging “such as Riester and Rurup pension, still making sure that the not received economic concept of life and pension insurance under a different guise can be repeated”, as Heidenreich.

Then increased the life insurance companies in the fiscal year of the financial market crisis 2008 their premiums to a scarce percentage and also in the new business it went uphill. “And as the Chairman of the General Association of the insurance industry, Jorg von Furstenwerth, feels that confirmed that the insurer of not only of the financial market crisis could defy, but contribute little to the retirement because: the positive despite the financial market crisis development of the premium income and new business underscores the grown need of people to safety and reliable services at their retirement.” This in our view wrong allegation this of course nothing to demonstrate. On the contrary, the above analysis describes the dimension of the business of of loss of. To not only negatively: proConcept for a private pension provision in the context of the possibilities of the individual is of course. But comparisons between yields of life insurance and other forms of investment repeatedly show that even savings achieved usually higher returns. This should be pondering all involved in any legislative process. More information under: index.php… or

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