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You have chance to create many new friendships, sometimes even on the other side of the world which you are suggested based on the preferences that you specify on your profile, many times we find that they are indeed related and you will enjoy sharing with them your leisure time. It is easy to find and contact old friends, almost forgotten many years ago, you only have to enter a name in the search box, and you asombraras when you can try that many of them are on Facebook much before your. In order that perhaps it is time that you will regret not having come to Facebook much before. But like all things Facebook also has its negative sides, ready some of them you below based on my own personal experience of actively participate in Facebook in years. Facebook what you should not do. 1. Shouldn’t include personal data in your profile as: e-mail addresses, phone numbers or actual addresses. 2.

If you must put your real name with actual pictures of your person. 3. Don’t accept friends very lightly, only to grow your list, it accepts only those who come recommended, or you can check your profile before accepting them. 4. Do not join any group without before verifying well is not one of the many counterfeit groups and that your participation in them truly provide you with some positive experience, keep in mind that from the moment in which you join them you will begin to receive emails, some nice other trash. 5. Don’t believe in no extraordinary announcement or that out of the ordinary as: know who visited your profile, impossible to know even if they tell you that it works; Contador de visitas, impossible; Free SMS, do not exist; Facebook Premium, does not exist; enable emoticons to your status: there are no emoticons to your status.

All these ads and more, are frequent on Facebook and time-wasting to people interested in them. Read on the next page all the steps and options to properly configure your privacy settings, these settings are the key to your success in your relationships in this network and not have to repent of nothing. Tricks and Tips for Facebook, what you should know images and photos to use on Facebook free.

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