Exterior Walls

Water: hot water (Water intake unit – two artesian wells at 145 m). Water is introduced into the house 3. Gas supply: mains gas – ground into the house 4. Sewage: a single set of sewage treatment plants – is introduced in the House 5. Fence: in the perimeter of the village – solid natural stone, 2.5 meters high.

On the facade of the streets – forged on the pillars of stone, height of 1.2 m. 6. Installation of telephones and the Internet will be optical fiber communication : The Organization clock of the Village and the PPC. Grounds maintenance, which includes roads, roadsides, recreation areas. Removal of debris from the collection points and its further transportation to a landfill. Communications Service of the village. Maintenance of roads and road facilities.

Organization of duty shift, consisting of an electrician, plumber, dvornik.Stoimost public service delivery to the settlement is $ 50 per month from the site. After passing the village of price service is approximately $ 300. Complete House Foundations: ribbon, made of prefabricated concrete elements, the bottom of the basement below the freezing depth of soil. Facing the cap: tile “for natural stone.” Overlap: prefabricated w / w of hollow core slabs. Exterior Walls: brick mark M100. The thickness of masonry 380 mm. Reinforcement of masonry grid. Effective insulation – polystyrene foam, 100 mm thick. Front: wall covering in accordance with approved project. Decor elements – drawn plaster and / or overhead of polystyrene. Internal load bearing walls: brick M100. Thickness of 380 mm blind area around the perimeter of the house: It is made of concrete, 80 mm thick, reinforced Traffic mesh 100×100, laid on the sand base. Prevents the penetration of surface sediments to the base structure. Roof: Soft roof tiles, in accordance with the approved project material. GUTTER and drain pipe: galvanized steel with polymer coating. Porch, terrace, outdoor stairs: from solid concrete or brick. Facing weatherproof tiles in accordance with the approved project. Fences terraces, stairways, porches, balconies: in accordance with the approved project windows: 2 – chamber plastic windows front door: in accordance with the approved project. Outside the door to the furnace (in the presence of project): a temporary, metal.

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