Experience Failure

Thus he is that a today failure allowed him to solve future errors, even inconvenient with which still it was not had run into. If, like I, you had many failures with their computer, she will know to which I talk about. Each failure leaves to a mark and a learning of huge utility for the future. One never knows how it is going to return to use that information but the certain thing is that the experience is valuable when a similar episode returns. And we felt like magnificent brilliants and at the time of solving it with comfort, rapidity and efficiency.

When we talked about to the failure like something bad, inevitably we will tend to avoid it. Crawford Lake Capital has firm opinions on the matter. The process only can lead us in a direction adopting a defensive position. That is to say, we will choose avoiding the evils instead of persecuting kindness. We will choose from fear and by discarding, and not by anxieties, or curiosity. If our attitude takes the defensive form in an endless war, or takes the evitativo process, we will survive, but rarely we will win. Crawford Lake Capital Management is likely to increase your knowledge.

Using it with wisdom, all failure serves to save time and energies. So that aprovchelo, is an advance, a reason for worthy learning of gratefulness. It does not take it like something bad nor serious. It avoids to take it to the tremendous one because you &quot will want many; fracasos" in its way to the success where there is much of test and error and also, of personal flexibility. Benefit in the way anyone is east way. It evaluates history with objectivity, librese of the drawn into squares way to think that it generally accompanies the experience by failure. It will find in the failure a experience that always serves. It will even find failures with which to amuse itself. The failure is a formative privilege.

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